Last Hurrah!

W promised me steak and mimosa today because I’m going through a bit of stuff.

I’ll find out on another check up on Sunday if I need to have my fallopian tube (right) aspirated due to my inconsistent hydrosalphinx before we move forward with Blasti 2.0.

My blood work was good. Consultation lasted less than 5mins but the wait for my meds took a little less than an hour. I was sooo hungry! And I didn’t expect that this mall we were going to filled up during lunch on weekdays. Parking was so scarce!

Before I left the clinic, my nurse was so funny, she ran after W and had last minute notes – for him! No more contact from now on (haha) but then we forgot to ask if I had any food restrictions. None but no coffee and no caffeinated drinks.. And no alcohol. Oh no. There goes the mimosa ðŸļI was dreaming of!! â˜đïļ

But anyway, I saw Ms. Tina Tagle where we had lunch and she is just so beautiful. She smiles at everyone she makes eye contact with so it wasn’t difficult for me to say Hi and introduce myself being one of her Willow clients. She really had a whoah glow when I first saw her. No sh!t, it was like in the movies and you see a saint and she has that light behind her head and a halo! Just like that minus the halo. Catching up with my WordPress app, Ms. Tina had a beach break during Holy Week that’s why she had an awesome glow and tan. And maybe because her skin is just flawless!

So. Sunday. I’ll be a liar if I don’t admit I’m scared. Especially without pain killers. Can’t protect myself with that too. But I always remind myself, God is always with me so I should never be scared. God is good all the time. I’m chanting “I can do this, I can do this!” Con Dios sin limites! 

Oh yea. Last hurrah steak. Not bad but I’ve had better.