Olats Online Shopping

This is my personal experience. Again, please don’t bash me for my opinions. If you had a good experience with these vendor/service providers, that’s awesome.

I love online shopping but only from reputable brands and online stores.

Lazada has a really good online presence, and perhaps a very good digital marketing team even before that term was widely used. I know a very good SEO guy who had an interview with them when they were starting out but was not offered a position. They needed someone better or so. Wow, we all thought!

I’ve heard of the horror stories about Lazada. And I’ve really avoided shopping there unless it was a damn good deal. Like our slow cookers! Hehe Php 999 from Php 1,200 and it was delivered immediately in good condition.

Anyhoo, 3 weeks ago, CMF ordered a watch repair kit from Lazada. I investigated the seller and it seemed legit and had 1 good feedback. So we received the kit. Wow. Check these out:

This is the Watch Repair Kit CMF ordered online. It was even itemized in detail. He needed it to change watch straps.

This was what arrived! What the heck is it? I don’t think they look the same!

Further searching in Lazada, under the same vendor, I found out that this is a Lock Pick Set! Geez. Ang layo ha, Lazada! What gives!

So we were sent the wrong item! Argh! Hassle! CMF asked that we have it exchanged because he really needed the watch repair kit. So I followed the exchange process of Lazada. Printed the label, etc. I had JV drop it off to the nearest LBC. 

After like 2 days, I got aan email from Lazada saying I can get my refund at ANY LBC branch. What gives. I wanted the Watch Repair Kit, not a refund. So anyway, I went to LBC in the mall near my place. They said they can’t release the refund because the refund is open in a different branch. Specifically where our messenger dropped of the returned item. Ugh.

So I sent my messenger to that other branch with authorization letter and my id. Guess what. The refund is not available there, but the branch where I just came from! Grrr!

I sent my messenger again. And that mall branch says I have to personally collect the money! Argh. So one time after gym I went there. I had a copy of my id and not the actual one because I don’t really carry much personal stuff in my gym bag. They refused. Has to be my real id. And they said I need to apply for an LBC id or else they wont give my refund! Geez. These guys really want my personal info. Nevermind!!

I wrote Lazada and told them my story. So they said they will refund me via bank transfer, my preferred refund method. But it took half a month! They emailed everyday that they’re working on it, but not really. I wrote them again, and apparently they needed a copy of my id as my username and account name are different from my name in my bank account! I dunno who’s stupid enough to make those the same. Anyway, after giving a copy of my id with watermarks all over that it is only for my refund, they finally deposited my money. 

And I will NEVER, EVER transact with Lazada again and never use LBC for money transfer. Eew.

Back to Basics

I’m going back to workout!! Woot woot! Got clearance from my doc!

My last proper gym workout was August 2016. It’s been that looong! But at least I was able to maintain my weight (104 lbs). Although, my muscles mass and cuts are gone! Well, I didn’t have much cuts! Feeling lang haha

I fished my old gym bag from storage last night. Look what I found!

Ye Ol’ Gym Bag and Accessories lol

  1. Fluid Surf gym bag. I bought this around 2005 or so. Still awesome! Coincidentally, my bro has this in a different color! We’re really twins!
  2. My Adidas gloves. These are my 2nd pair ever. I had a purple Adidas pair before but I lost it during Typhoon Ondoy.
  3. Php 20!! I always have Php 20 in my backpack pocket just in case I come across the turon vendor from the gym going home!

Can’t wait to be back on the loop. Wanna get toned again.

Remember, our body is the temple of the Holy Spirit. Let’s see to it that it is taken care of properly (not abused with workouts!) So when we return it to God, it will be perfect like Him.

Picture Perfect

I picked up a hobby! It’s called Paint by Number! Haha 😊 I know it’s similar to the not so recent fad of coloring with colored pens/pencils but I never tried it. Painting is a bit different – mixing paint, strokes, etc. It’s nice!

It’s therapeutic for me. I feel like I have a good level of concentration when I’m painting but I’m still relaxed. 

This hobby also made me realize that I can’t always be perfect. No one’s perfect. I painted outside the lines and made a few mistakes, some paints are dried – stuff like that.. all the chaos was what gave my art work its character. 

Check it out:

Red, Yellow, Green and a little Blue… I have no idea why I started on the right side!

Darker green and spread across the canvass… Can’t wait to finish!!

Blues are in! So excited! It’s starting to make sense!

Tadah!! Proud of my work. Sometimes, I still can’t believe I made this haha but it’s major cheat sheet!!

This painting actually reminds me of how I imagined my vacation in Leiden, The Netherlands would be. Too bad we didn’t get to go anymore but still, I imagined it’s similar to Amsterdam.

This kit was quite difficult. There were a lot of small shapes to paint. It was a challenge, I have to admit. But look at the fruits of my labor! 😊

I’m working on another one. A bit easier so I think I’ll finish it in a few days, when my back feels better! 

Do your best. No one is perfect. Imperfections give character. Do good and pray. God will do the rest according to His perfect plan.

Good bye Chris Cornell

If you know me personally (which I highly doubt), you know that my taste in music is all out 90s alternative, rock, grunge and everything in between. The boy band and pop stuff – not so much but yeah pk, I listen to it too, otherwise I might not have friends LOL

I was so sad last night to find out Chris Cornell, frontman of several awesome bands like Sound Garden and Audioslave, passed away yesterday. I was out all afternoon til after dinner because of that  darn migraine and then when I woke up… he was gone! ðŸ˜Ģ

At home or wherever and whenever, I still listen to my 90s stuff. Most of it STP, Jeff Buckley, Silverchair, Sound Garden, Bush, Garbage, Foo Fighters, Goo Goo Dolls etc… so I feel really sad that another good man is down. Chris Cornell had that really smooth, sexy and soothing rock alternative voice. Even when he just talks – laglag brip eheste panty harharhar

I thought I was overreacting but then CMF said he’s also really sad about CC passing. We didn’t even get a chance to watch him live. Last night, I played a CC playlist whilst in the shower and CMF was finishing up some work. First song up aas Sunshower from the Great Expectations Original Sound Track. Sooo sad. And yet his voice was so soothing. And the message of the song 😭😭😭

I came across this FB post of my former high school teacher. She is the only cool high school teacher I had.. listen to Pearl Jam and the like. She posted this:

I dont own this photo. Grabbed from Ms. Lacanients

I was just browsing through CC’s Twitter account and sh!t. I learned that we missed him in Reykjavik by a few weeks!! 

From his Twitter. Chris Cornell was in Reykjavik in March 2016! Missed him by 3 weeks!!! 😭

And this view. I know where here was when he took this photo. This is our favorite spot!! 😭

Another one bites the dust. Praying for Chris and his family… and will never stop playing your songs over and over.

May you rest in peace. Thank you for sharing your beautiful voice, poetry and music. Good bye Chris Cornell. Photo from Chris Cornell’s Twitter account.

Good People and Good Vibes

Yesterday fternoon, we got a call from a supplier. He was apologizing and asked for help because his messenger lost his bg, it had the check we sent him that morning and a few other cash payments from other clients. This supplier is very nice so we felt really bad he lost money.

I then called our bank and asked about cancelling the check. I needed a Stop Payment Order form signed and sent to the branch. It had corresponding fees too. I was on my way to get a form and call our messenger when the supplier called back.

He said someone found and returned the bag! A person they didn’t even know. The person said he saw the hardware’s name on our check, that’s how he was able to find the owner. Plus, all the cash was intact! Everything was intact. Cash and all checks. I guess the supplier was in disbelief but all my husband could say was it was a really good day.

Imagine that. Their area isn’t even the nicest, from what I remember it’s near the market so it was so hectic and there are always a lot of people so it kinda gives you an unsafe vibe. But this happened. Honestly, I’m annoyed when people say “faith in humanity restored” because I never lost my faith in humanity. It’s just really hard to find genuinely kind people right now, and maybe this kind of mentality, despite being a joke for majority, is on of the reasons why these people are hard to find.

Last night in our prayer, I thanked God for so many things and I asked for a few things too. It was quite long, W was even falling asleep. But when I asked him if he had a few more things to pray for, he said the most heartfelt prayer for that honest person. âĪïļ

The kindest people don’t have to treat you lavishly. They don’t always carry Goyards and check the time on their Pateks. Some of them don’t look well off but pride themselves with good manners, selflessness and good intentions for others. May there be more people like this.

Last Hurrah!

W promised me steak and mimosa today because I’m going through a bit of stuff.

I’ll find out on another check up on Sunday if I need to have my fallopian tube (right) aspirated due to my inconsistent hydrosalphinx before we move forward with Blasti 2.0.

My blood work was good. Consultation lasted less than 5mins but the wait for my meds took a little less than an hour. I was sooo hungry! And I didn’t expect that this mall we were going to filled up during lunch on weekdays. Parking was so scarce!

Before I left the clinic, my nurse was so funny, she ran after W and had last minute notes – for him! No more contact from now on (haha) but then we forgot to ask if I had any food restrictions. None but no coffee and no caffeinated drinks.. And no alcohol. Oh no. There goes the mimosa ðŸļI was dreaming of!! â˜đïļ

But anyway, I saw Ms. Tina Tagle where we had lunch and she is just so beautiful. She smiles at everyone she makes eye contact with so it wasn’t difficult for me to say Hi and introduce myself being one of her Willow clients. She really had a whoah glow when I first saw her. No sh!t, it was like in the movies and you see a saint and she has that light behind her head and a halo! Just like that minus the halo. Catching up with my WordPress app, Ms. Tina had a beach break during Holy Week that’s why she had an awesome glow and tan. And maybe because her skin is just flawless!

So. Sunday. I’ll be a liar if I don’t admit I’m scared. Especially without pain killers. Can’t protect myself with that too. But I always remind myself, God is always with me so I should never be scared. God is good all the time. I’m chanting “I can do this, I can do this!” Con Dios sin limites! 

Oh yea. Last hurrah steak. Not bad but I’ve had better.

Endometrial Scratch

EM Scratch for short.

Last month was the first time I heard of it. And I was told by my ob that they highly recommend this procedure for patients who’ve had a miscarriage (there, I said it).

So I searched online for some reading materials on em scratch, and these were what I found: 

  1. Daily Mail 2015 article
  2. The Telegraph UK 2016 article

It seems simple, but I was worried how it felt like because you don’t need anesthesia for it.

So anyway, em scratch day came. My ob said it was like a pap smear — NOT! Pap smears are just uncomfortable. This was slightly painful. Aside from the discomfort of the speculum, it did give a cramping sensation but it only lasted 2 minutes tops. I just rested sitting down for a few more minutes, and it was all gone. Maybe I was just overreacting after of the tiny sharp pain but it was alright.

Also, it didn’t cost GBP 300! It was a little less than Php 2,000. I’m open to trying anything, especially if it’s this reasonably priced.

So there. Good luck to all of us!