Food Cravings

So I haven’t been eating well recently so we thought maybe I should give in to some of my cravings so I will eat a lot. Wrong! I made a short list of things/restos I wanna eat/in.. here’s what happened the past few days:

  1. Uncle Moe’s – I wanted ox brain, beef shawarma, chicken kebab.. but we kinda ordered other stuff instead of our usual… CMF had the set with beef and chicken kebab (his usual is chicken curry but he will sweat a lot from it so he didn’t go for it). I had what was on the poster – cheesy beef keema shawarma! Woot woot! And of course, ox brain with a lot of garlic sauce! Hurray! That. Was. Awesome. I love you Uncle Moe. Whoever you are!
  2. Cyma – we usually go for spinach artichoke, roka salata, hirini brizola (the marvelous pork chops!! with yemistes. This time, we ordered watercress salad, moussaka and Greek clams pasta. I likey. I like it a lot!! I ate well!
  3. Viet Place owned by CMF’s friend… I don’t wanna say the name coz there’s a little bit of bad vibes to it. Anyway, we always order pomelo salad, spring rolls and pho… but this time, after going through the menu with the super nice server, we ordered fried prawn rolls, prawn wraps and lemongrass pork. She kept on pushing the salt and pepper fish, but we weren’t in the mood for s&p. She kept on pushing noodles too, but hello, will I really make noodles my viand? So we asked about pork dishes and she suggested lemongrass pork. There was even a photo of it, and she showed it to us. So here they came, prawn wraps, fried prawn rolls. Yum. But not as super yum as I expected. Then, came our special fried rice and lemongrass chicken. Wait what? We told her we didn’t order chicken. She said we ordered chicken and she just left. What the frack? This is the annoying and tough part when you know the owner. The whole time CMF was apologizing to me and offered to make me himay. That’s not the point. I have this weird thing that I don’t eat chicken with skin if it’s not fried. Simply because I don’t feel comfy eating the chicken skin in its kinda rubbery form. It’s uncooked to me. So I was really pissed. We usually order a lot of food because we can always take them home and not cook as much at home. The thought of that chicken for the next meal at home really annoyed me. And it’s not cheap ha! After finishing the prawn wrap and rolls, I asked CMF to do something about it because I’m really pissed. I know where in the menu the photo is, she was the one who pointed it out to us. CMF called a server and asked for our server. Our server came and he nicely asked to do something about it because we really didn’t order chicken. She just took the food and CMF was the one who apolgized. How strange this world is. So anyway, out came the lemongrass pork after 7 minutes or so. That pretty much ruined my meal. Ugh.

I have a fully stocked freezer again so I can cook stuff that we’re used to again haha no more dining out as much… need to lessen it!

My Downton Abbey Hotties

Matthew Good as Mr. Henry Talbot (photo from Pinterest)

I just finished watching Downton Abbey… and I’m sad! I know I’m late but *sigh* why did they have to pull the plug on this show. I’ve been wanting to watch it for the longest time, and now I’m done. I have the biggest crush on Matthew Goode.. and I didn’t know he was in Season 7 until a few months ago. 

Just to make my (our) day better, here’s another photo of Mr. Henry Talbot:

Shaken Mr. Talbot on the phone with Lady Mary (photo from Pinterest)

I never forgot Matthew Goode ever since I watched Chasing Liberty back in the early 2000s. He was that hot Brit dude with Brit accent… damn he sexy! Last year, when we were in Esher, some mate walked up to CMF and asked if he needed help with his luggage (he had his and mine) and CMF thanked him but refused help. The dude looked like Agent Ben haha or maybe I was just imagining it. 

Train ride with (Agent sshhh!) Ben Calder. Image not mine, from:

Here’s a cute moment when Ben Calder gave in on Anna Foster (and I think the song when he was worried about her and missing her was Kathy Troccoli – If I’m Not In Love lol)

Sweet moment with Anna Foster (Mandy Moore) and Ben Calder (Matthew Goode). Image not mine, from:

I’m excited for the 2nd season of The Crown because Netflix confirmed that Matthew Goode will be in it as the love interest of Princess Margaret. I just wish his character will have the same charisma and smoothness of Ben Calder or Henry Talbot.

Oh, here’s another hottie from the Abbey — Tom Branson. In real life, Allen Leech. He’s a cutie but a toughie.

(Tom) Branson the chauffer, as he first appeared in Downton Abbey. Image not mine, from:

He’s Irish and has his own strong opinions about politics and classes – I think it was rare to know anyone like this back in the 1920’s in England. So he was quite a character. But he progressed into a darling.. my darling HAHA

Tom Branson, agent of Downton Abbey and later on owner of Talbot and Branson Motors. Photo from:

Tom’s character progressed into a very sweet, dependable and just man. Everyone loves him. A little goody two shoes for me, but he’s sooo cute! Although, he looked like he put on some weight all throughout the series. Cute pa rin

On a funnier note, but we don’t really need photos anymore (sorry I got tamad) … I enjoyed Downton Abbey because of the humourous Dowager Countess – Maggie Smith! I love her classy, sophisticated and brutal insults! I remember she retorted to someone, probably Isobel Crawley, something like – you’re worried? That’s so middle class! 😂

What should I watch next? Preferably a series with a hot guy that I can look forward too 😉

Coffee Bags

I think the first time I tried coffee bags was 2013. We stayed in Marina Bay Sands in Singapore and this was their complimentary coffee. 

I loved it! Too bad I didn’t think of searching for it in the local groceries in Singapore.  

There’s just somethig about it.. the flavor is full despite not being freshly ground. 

I tried contacting Robert Timms Australia if I can order online but they responded flat out that they don’t ship to Manila. Such a turn off.

So I tried to look for other alternatives. When I was still working, I was able to chance upon Marks and Spencer’s Decaf Coffee Drip.. I’m not sure if that’s what it’s actually called. It comes in a blue box.. you have 10 plastic drips that you can put on top of your coffee mug and fill it up with hot water and let it drip. It was ok. It was around Php 300 so maybe Php 30 per cup. It’s not so bad but it’s not the best either. Wait wait. I’m not such a coffee drinker ha. Baka sabihin nyo, sino ba tong magaling na to! Haha I have my own (weird) taste. 

I haven’t beeing drinking coffee much. But I do when I know I’m in a good coffee place (so far what catches my fancy is Toby’s Estate capuccino and the free local brewed in Piandre hehe). But this morning I’m having Folgers Decaf Coffee Bags! It’s from my Mom’s care package hehe ❤


Oh my goodness! I’ve been absent from the gym and my classes for about 3 weeks now! You see, after my 2nd LIT, I had bleeding mid-cycle… scary huh?

I had to stop my meds for APAS and I went to my ob. When we checked my ultrasound, there was indeed bleeding somewhere in me but it wasn’t coming from an organ, so that’s okay. It might be hormones or stress – which makes a lot of sense because the day before my bleeding, I found out that my friend passed away. So I was really sad and my anxiety level was 99!

I was put on a very high dose of estrogen. 3x a day for 3 days (sh!t to, imagine feeling like a zombie with a really bad migraine for 3 days!), 2x a day for 2 days, then once a day for 10 days. Bleeding stopped at the 3rd day. Thank goodness. 

I’ve been planning to head to the gym. I miss my classmates and instructors. I miss all the active fun but every morning when I wake up, I get severe cramps. So I’m settling with working out at home for the mean time. I should be back in a few days. I’m excited!!

Le Tiny Dumbbells, ever so dependable

Olats Online Shopping

This is my personal experience. Again, please don’t bash me for my opinions. If you had a good experience with these vendor/service providers, that’s awesome.

I love online shopping but only from reputable brands and online stores.

Lazada has a really good online presence, and perhaps a very good digital marketing team even before that term was widely used. I know a very good SEO guy who had an interview with them when they were starting out but was not offered a position. They needed someone better or so. Wow, we all thought!

I’ve heard of the horror stories about Lazada. And I’ve really avoided shopping there unless it was a damn good deal. Like our slow cookers! Hehe Php 999 from Php 1,200 and it was delivered immediately in good condition.

Anyhoo, 3 weeks ago, CMF ordered a watch repair kit from Lazada. I investigated the seller and it seemed legit and had 1 good feedback. So we received the kit. Wow. Check these out:

This is the Watch Repair Kit CMF ordered online. It was even itemized in detail. He needed it to change watch straps.

This was what arrived! What the heck is it? I don’t think they look the same!

Further searching in Lazada, under the same vendor, I found out that this is a Lock Pick Set! Geez. Ang layo ha, Lazada! What gives!

So we were sent the wrong item! Argh! Hassle! CMF asked that we have it exchanged because he really needed the watch repair kit. So I followed the exchange process of Lazada. Printed the label, etc. I had JV drop it off to the nearest LBC. 

After like 2 days, I got aan email from Lazada saying I can get my refund at ANY LBC branch. What gives. I wanted the Watch Repair Kit, not a refund. So anyway, I went to LBC in the mall near my place. They said they can’t release the refund because the refund is open in a different branch. Specifically where our messenger dropped of the returned item. Ugh.

So I sent my messenger to that other branch with authorization letter and my id. Guess what. The refund is not available there, but the branch where I just came from! Grrr!

I sent my messenger again. And that mall branch says I have to personally collect the money! Argh. So one time after gym I went there. I had a copy of my id and not the actual one because I don’t really carry much personal stuff in my gym bag. They refused. Has to be my real id. And they said I need to apply for an LBC id or else they wont give my refund! Geez. These guys really want my personal info. Nevermind!!

I wrote Lazada and told them my story. So they said they will refund me via bank transfer, my preferred refund method. But it took half a month! They emailed everyday that they’re working on it, but not really. I wrote them again, and apparently they needed a copy of my id as my username and account name are different from my name in my bank account! I dunno who’s stupid enough to make those the same. Anyway, after giving a copy of my id with watermarks all over that it is only for my refund, they finally deposited my money. 

And I will NEVER, EVER transact with Lazada again and never use LBC for money transfer. Eew.

Back to Basics

I’m going back to workout!! Woot woot! Got clearance from my doc!

My last proper gym workout was August 2016. It’s been that looong! But at least I was able to maintain my weight (104 lbs). Although, my muscles mass and cuts are gone! Well, I didn’t have much cuts! Feeling lang haha

I fished my old gym bag from storage last night. Look what I found!

Ye Ol’ Gym Bag and Accessories lol

  1. Fluid Surf gym bag. I bought this around 2005 or so. Still awesome! Coincidentally, my bro has this in a different color! We’re really twins!
  2. My Adidas gloves. These are my 2nd pair ever. I had a purple Adidas pair before but I lost it during Typhoon Ondoy.
  3. Php 20!! I always have Php 20 in my backpack pocket just in case I come across the turon vendor from the gym going home!

Can’t wait to be back on the loop. Wanna get toned again.

Remember, our body is the temple of the Holy Spirit. Let’s see to it that it is taken care of properly (not abused with workouts!) So when we return it to God, it will be perfect like Him.

Picture Perfect

I picked up a hobby! It’s called Paint by Number! Haha 😊 I know it’s similar to the not so recent fad of coloring with colored pens/pencils but I never tried it. Painting is a bit different – mixing paint, strokes, etc. It’s nice!

It’s therapeutic for me. I feel like I have a good level of concentration when I’m painting but I’m still relaxed. 

This hobby also made me realize that I can’t always be perfect. No one’s perfect. I painted outside the lines and made a few mistakes, some paints are dried – stuff like that.. all the chaos was what gave my art work its character. 

Check it out:

Red, Yellow, Green and a little Blue… I have no idea why I started on the right side!

Darker green and spread across the canvass… Can’t wait to finish!!

Blues are in! So excited! It’s starting to make sense!

Tadah!! Proud of my work. Sometimes, I still can’t believe I made this haha but it’s major cheat sheet!!

This painting actually reminds me of how I imagined my vacation in Leiden, The Netherlands would be. Too bad we didn’t get to go anymore but still, I imagined it’s similar to Amsterdam.

This kit was quite difficult. There were a lot of small shapes to paint. It was a challenge, I have to admit. But look at the fruits of my labor! 😊

I’m working on another one. A bit easier so I think I’ll finish it in a few days, when my back feels better! 

Do your best. No one is perfect. Imperfections give character. Do good and pray. God will do the rest according to His perfect plan.