Back to Basics

I’m going back to workout!! Woot woot! Got clearance from my doc!

My last proper gym workout was August 2016. It’s been that looong! But at least I was able to maintain my weight (104 lbs). Although, my muscles mass and cuts are gone! Well, I didn’t have much cuts! Feeling lang haha

I fished my old gym bag from storage last night. Look what I found!

Ye Ol’ Gym Bag and Accessories lol

  1. Fluid Surf gym bag. I bought this around 2005 or so. Still awesome! Coincidentally, my bro has this in a different color! We’re really twins!
  2. My Adidas gloves. These are my 2nd pair ever. I had a purple Adidas pair before but I lost it during Typhoon Ondoy.
  3. Php 20!! I always have Php 20 in my backpack pocket just in case I come across the turon vendor from the gym going home!

Can’t wait to be back on the loop. Wanna get toned again.

Remember, our body is the temple of the Holy Spirit. Let’s see to it that it is taken care of properly (not abused with workouts!) So when we return it to God, it will be perfect like Him.

Picture Perfect

I picked up a hobby! It’s called Paint by Number! Haha 😊 I know it’s similar to the not so recent fad of coloring with colored pens/pencils but I never tried it. Painting is a bit different – mixing paint, strokes, etc. It’s nice!

It’s therapeutic for me. I feel like I have a good level of concentration when I’m painting but I’m still relaxed. 

This hobby also made me realize that I can’t always be perfect. No one’s perfect. I painted outside the lines and made a few mistakes, some paints are dried – stuff like that.. all the chaos was what gave my art work its character. 

Check it out:

Red, Yellow, Green and a little Blue… I have no idea why I started on the right side!

Darker green and spread across the canvass… Can’t wait to finish!!

Blues are in! So excited! It’s starting to make sense!

Tadah!! Proud of my work. Sometimes, I still can’t believe I made this haha but it’s major cheat sheet!!

This painting actually reminds me of how I imagined my vacation in Leiden, The Netherlands would be. Too bad we didn’t get to go anymore but still, I imagined it’s similar to Amsterdam.

This kit was quite difficult. There were a lot of small shapes to paint. It was a challenge, I have to admit. But look at the fruits of my labor! 😊

I’m working on another one. A bit easier so I think I’ll finish it in a few days, when my back feels better! 

Do your best. No one is perfect. Imperfections give character. Do good and pray. God will do the rest according to His perfect plan.

Good People and Good Vibes

Yesterday fternoon, we got a call from a supplier. He was apologizing and asked for help because his messenger lost his bg, it had the check we sent him that morning and a few other cash payments from other clients. This supplier is very nice so we felt really bad he lost money.

I then called our bank and asked about cancelling the check. I needed a Stop Payment Order form signed and sent to the branch. It had corresponding fees too. I was on my way to get a form and call our messenger when the supplier called back.

He said someone found and returned the bag! A person they didn’t even know. The person said he saw the hardware’s name on our check, that’s how he was able to find the owner. Plus, all the cash was intact! Everything was intact. Cash and all checks. I guess the supplier was in disbelief but all my husband could say was it was a really good day.

Imagine that. Their area isn’t even the nicest, from what I remember it’s near the market so it was so hectic and there are always a lot of people so it kinda gives you an unsafe vibe. But this happened. Honestly, I’m annoyed when people say “faith in humanity restored” because I never lost my faith in humanity. It’s just really hard to find genuinely kind people right now, and maybe this kind of mentality, despite being a joke for majority, is on of the reasons why these people are hard to find.

Last night in our prayer, I thanked God for so many things and I asked for a few things too. It was quite long, W was even falling asleep. But when I asked him if he had a few more things to pray for, he said the most heartfelt prayer for that honest person. ❤️

The kindest people don’t have to treat you lavishly. They don’t always carry Goyards and check the time on their Pateks. Some of them don’t look well off but pride themselves with good manners, selflessness and good intentions for others. May there be more people like this.

Last Hurrah!

W promised me steak and mimosa today because I’m going through a bit of stuff.

I’ll find out on another check up on Sunday if I need to have my fallopian tube (right) aspirated due to my inconsistent hydrosalphinx before we move forward with Blasti 2.0.

My blood work was good. Consultation lasted less than 5mins but the wait for my meds took a little less than an hour. I was sooo hungry! And I didn’t expect that this mall we were going to filled up during lunch on weekdays. Parking was so scarce!

Before I left the clinic, my nurse was so funny, she ran after W and had last minute notes – for him! No more contact from now on (haha) but then we forgot to ask if I had any food restrictions. None but no coffee and no caffeinated drinks.. And no alcohol. Oh no. There goes the mimosa 🍸I was dreaming of!! ☹️

But anyway, I saw Ms. Tina Tagle where we had lunch and she is just so beautiful. She smiles at everyone she makes eye contact with so it wasn’t difficult for me to say Hi and introduce myself being one of her Willow clients. She really had a whoah glow when I first saw her. No sh!t, it was like in the movies and you see a saint and she has that light behind her head and a halo! Just like that minus the halo. Catching up with my WordPress app, Ms. Tina had a beach break during Holy Week that’s why she had an awesome glow and tan. And maybe because her skin is just flawless!

So. Sunday. I’ll be a liar if I don’t admit I’m scared. Especially without pain killers. Can’t protect myself with that too. But I always remind myself, God is always with me so I should never be scared. God is good all the time. I’m chanting “I can do this, I can do this!” Con Dios sin limites! 

Oh yea. Last hurrah steak. Not bad but I’ve had better.

Thank You for Fighting

Two and a half years ago, my Tita Cris texted me, asking about laptops and where to get them cheap. I asked why he needed a laptop, and he said he was going to teach catechism to kids. He asked if there was a payment scheme of a little cash out, then monthly payments. As I am naive to these kinds of conversations, I said there’s a promo with this credit card company. I didn’t figure he was asking to use my card. He’s cool. He never ran out of any financial responsibility. But that time, I just resigned so I wasn’t able to help him out.

Fast forward to a month later, my folks were in Europe, and Tita Cris had several trips to the doctor due to stomach ache. I was seated in CPK with my siblings, husband and niece when I casually asked how she was since they lived nearer. My niece then blurted out that it was cancer. We were silent and teary eyed for quite a while.

Yesterday morning I visited him. He wasn’t conscious and seemed to be in a coma. I apologized for my short comings (the playing with make up and perfume story, sorry I didn’t get him the laptop, etc) and thanked him for always taking care of all of us. I laid down beside him and told him how I will always remember him when I hear Bohemian Rhapsody, how I admired his cooking skills (he had a pancitan before and can cook so well with his eyes closed), and how he drove me to the interview of my 1st real job. I held his hand most of the time. Asked him several times if he wants to eat because we have liempo (he was craving liempo the other day). 

I left our ancestral home at 3pm. I arrived home past 4. After dinner, at around 830pm I got a call from my Mom, telling me she was heading back to the old house, because Tita Cris finished his battle. She asked me to call my Dad and tell him. I said I don’t want to do it over the phone, so I called Mike and told him to break the news to Dad gently and don’t leave him alone, no matter what happens.

Half way through Tita Cris’ battle, he always said he was tired and just wanted to rest. Most of us said no. And I think I was hardest on him when I said no, you have to fight. Not everyone has the chance to fight. Fight to live. I know it was very selfish of me, but deep inside me I knew he had to fight because he deserved every minute more of his God-given life. 

But I often asked God and Jesus to not make him feel pain anymore. And one time, I know I asked why do we get sick? I instantly got my answer. The priest in St. Pio suddenly said “In sickness and pain, we are one with Jesus’ suffering.” That made me move on from questioning God of my condition. I told Tita Cris that, I’m not sure how he took it.

We have all prepared for his passing, but I don’t think no one really can. Especially when I sit beside my Dad and hold his hand. His whole body shakes when he tells me how much pain he has in his heart. Having lost his parents, Ninong Mac and now Tita Cris. He says the pain is different. Very very different. And remember, just a few days back, my Uber driver told me that relationships with siblings last longer than parents and children, so it might be better to have many kids so they’ll live happier and longer together.

Dear Lord, I pray for my Dad and his siblings, that they may whole heartedly accept your will; that you need your noble servant Cris with you now. I pray that Tita Cris now serve you in the best way he can beside you. Please tell him we’ll miss him, and that we won’t be as nurtured and loved as we are without him.

Rest in Peace Tita Cris. Thank you for fighting.

A Rosary and Blessings

Rosaries are blessings

Rosaries are blessings

This is my new rosary. My youngest brother  gave it to me. It came with a good story. I don’t really know how to feel about it but I’m teary eyed now telling it.

Around two months ago, one late night, M and his gf went to a local burger joint and ordered late dinner. It was 11pm. While waiting, a chubby, cute little girl came in. She was about 6-7 years old. She went from table to table, selling these rosary bracelets. Unfortunately, not one table bought one. She went over to their table and made 2 beautiful flowers out of pink and purple straws and gave it to V. She then set aside her stuff, and bused the tables and even wiped them after putting the soiled dishes away. She caught everyone’s attention but gathered her stuff and prepared to leave.

This was when M had a calling in his heart. He asked the little girl to come and talk to them. They couldn’t offer any food because it has been 40 minutes and their food hasn’t arrived (they actually forgot to make their meals!). Talking to her, they found out that the little girl’s mom is sick and bed ridden, so she’s trying to make Php 500 per night for her school needs and their food for the day. She said she doesn’t know who her father is. She attends public school and she makes and sells rosaries for a living. She’d rather do this than beg. M said that it’s almost midnight and there is curfew in effect so she has to be home already. She said she doesn’t have enough yet to go home. M said it’s very late and she needs to go to school tomorrow, but she said her class doesn’t start until 12nn. He gave her Php 100 for a rosary but she asked how much he wanted. She said just take how many he wants. M said she wont make any profit then. She said “Wala namang lugi dyan, basta maka Php 500 lang po ako.” (There won’t be any deficit for me, as long as I make Php 500). He asked how much one rosary is. She said Php 30 each, so he just took 3. He then said that she should head home already. She left but they doubt that she headed home.

Unfortunately, their food was still no where to be found. So V asked for a refund. They still wouldn’t refund because they claimed they already cooked their burgers. But they cooked the wrong ones so no go.

After I heard this story, I didn’t know what to feel but I think I felt very sad. At the same time, I felt so humbled and had the urge to feel contented with what I have.

Here’s a little girl, trying to make an honest living for food and education, while others resolve to cheating and illegal deals for luxury.

I realized that we all have our problems. We all have different needs. I tried to picture myself not having much like this little girl, and how would I deal with it. I then tried to picture other people in my situation, and how they’d deal with it. My thoughts will just go in loop.

So I just thought, make the most of what we can do. Make the most with what we are blessed with. Not because others don’t have it but because God has blessed us and it is up to us how to live the best out of these lives we have, paid in full by Christ.

It’s almost Christmas. And Christmas isn’t the only time we should be giving and sharing. I hope we keep that in our minds and in our hearts.

Let’s always pray. While we do our best to make the world a better place, some people still forget. We need to pray.

Diode vs Gentle Max 

This is just my personal experience and opinion so please don’t bash me if we don’t have the same sentiments.

TLDR – I’d go for Diode. More discomfort but it really worked for me. And not in Wink. Anymore.

TL part:

I wrote about my first diode laser hair removal experience in Wink Laser Studio Trinoma here 2 years back. I did 8 sessions religiously under the care of Cathy. After my 8th session, she told me that I’ll only need boosters once a year. Hurray! I was hairless sa kilikili!

After that, I tried 2 sessions of Revlite in Wink BGC. I love Revlite! Those 2 sessions made my underarm prettier haha as in my skin is lighter and less lines and chicken skin. I plan to do more revlite after pregnancy. Whenever that is. Haha!

Last year, I went to Wink GH for a booster shot of diode since I had 2 or 3 stray hairs and I thought it was time anyway.

This year, I noticed I was getting stubbles. So I scheduled for diode in GH. I was overdue by 3 months for my annual booster. Unfortunately, no one in Wink GH contacted me about it. That’s fine. It’s my responsibility anyway. (Wink Trinoma is nice, they even send me auto happy birthday emails!)

When I went to Wink, they told me they were phasing out diode and that I should try Gmax, as in Gentle Max. It’s in form of shots and doesn’t hurt at all. It was supposed to let the hair/stubbles grow out and just fall off on their own after a few days. Maybe they should have told me that when I scheduled for diode? What do you think? Since they all won’t stop agreeing with each other and raving about Gmax, I tried it.

Similar to diode. No pain! But the result 👎🏼

I don’t think the hair/stubbles grew out. And the other hair strands, I noticed, did not fall off.

That was disappointing. But the worse part of it: Wink GH was all sales talk in my last visit. I was being bombarded by ALL of the staff to avail of their promo for gmax and revlite. Good thing I didn’t give in because

  1. Gmax didn’t work as well as diode did for me
  2. I was given wrong information about the promos, despite asking that they write it down
  • Promo was different when I was there
  • When I called back apparently it cannot be paid by card in installment

It was so unprofessional and annoying. Ms. Holly Chang, in case you get to read this, I hope you look into this. Before heavily marketing anything, please see to it that your staff has the correct details. Also, please see to it that your clients are taken care of first before all the marketing. I understand that maybe they get commissions so they’re all out selling, but I am 90% not coming back to Wink because I feel that your business is all money now and less service.

So, my very few readers, any suggestions where I should do my booster shots and revlite soon?