Food Cravings

So I haven’t been eating well recently so we thought maybe I should give in to some of my cravings so I will eat a lot. Wrong! I made a short list of things/restos I wanna eat/in.. here’s what happened the past few days:

  1. Uncle Moe’s – I wanted ox brain, beef shawarma, chicken kebab.. but we kinda ordered other stuff instead of our usual… CMF had the set with beef and chicken kebab (his usual is chicken curry but he will sweat a lot from it so he didn’t go for it). I had what was on the poster – cheesy beef keema shawarma! Woot woot! And of course, ox brain with a lot of garlic sauce! Hurray! That. Was. Awesome. I love you Uncle Moe. Whoever you are!
  2. Cyma – we usually go for spinach artichoke, roka salata, hirini brizola (the marvelous pork chops!! with yemistes. This time, we ordered watercress salad, moussaka and Greek clams pasta. I likey. I like it a lot!! I ate well!
  3. Viet Place owned by CMF’s friend… I don’t wanna say the name coz there’s a little bit of bad vibes to it. Anyway, we always order pomelo salad, spring rolls and pho… but this time, after going through the menu with the super nice server, we ordered fried prawn rolls, prawn wraps and lemongrass pork. She kept on pushing the salt and pepper fish, but we weren’t in the mood for s&p. She kept on pushing noodles too, but hello, will I really make noodles my viand? So we asked about pork dishes and she suggested lemongrass pork. There was even a photo of it, and she showed it to us. So here they came, prawn wraps, fried prawn rolls. Yum. But not as super yum as I expected. Then, came our special fried rice and lemongrass chicken. Wait what? We told her we didn’t order chicken. She said we ordered chicken and she just left. What the frack? This is the annoying and tough part when you know the owner. The whole time CMF was apologizing to me and offered to make me himay. That’s not the point. I have this weird thing that I don’t eat chicken with skin if it’s not fried. Simply because I don’t feel comfy eating the chicken skin in its kinda rubbery form. It’s uncooked to me. So I was really pissed. We usually order a lot of food because we can always take them home and not cook as much at home. The thought of that chicken for the next meal at home really annoyed me. And it’s not cheap ha! After finishing the prawn wrap and rolls, I asked CMF to do something about it because I’m really pissed. I know where in the menu the photo is, she was the one who pointed it out to us. CMF called a server and asked for our server. Our server came and he nicely asked to do something about it because we really didn’t order chicken. She just took the food and CMF was the one who apolgized. How strange this world is. So anyway, out came the lemongrass pork after 7 minutes or so. That pretty much ruined my meal. Ugh.

I have a fully stocked freezer again so I can cook stuff that we’re used to again haha no more dining out as much… need to lessen it!

Diode vs Gentle MaxΒ 

This is just my personal experience and opinion so please don’t bash me if we don’t have the same sentiments.

TLDR – I’d go for Diode. More discomfort but it really worked for me. And not in Wink. Anymore.

TL part:

I wrote about my first diode laser hair removal experience in Wink Laser Studio Trinoma here 2 years back. I did 8 sessions religiously under the care of Cathy. After my 8th session, she told me that I’ll only need boosters once a year. Hurray! I was hairless sa kilikili!

After that, I tried 2 sessions of Revlite in Wink BGC. I love Revlite! Those 2 sessions made my underarm prettier haha as in my skin is lighter and less lines and chicken skin. I plan to do more revlite after pregnancy. Whenever that is. Haha!

Last year, I went to Wink GH for a booster shot of diode since I had 2 or 3 stray hairs and I thought it was time anyway.

This year, I noticed I was getting stubbles. So I scheduled for diode in GH. I was overdue by 3 months for my annual booster. Unfortunately, no one in Wink GH contacted me about it. That’s fine. It’s my responsibility anyway. (Wink Trinoma is nice, they even send me auto happy birthday emails!)

When I went to Wink, they told me they were phasing out diode and that I should try Gmax, as in Gentle Max. It’s in form of shots and doesn’t hurt at all. It was supposed to let the hair/stubbles grow out and just fall off on their own after a few days. Maybe they should have told me that when I scheduled for diode? What do you think? Since they all won’t stop agreeing with each other and raving about Gmax, I tried it.

Similar to diode. No pain! But the result πŸ‘ŽπŸΌ

I don’t think the hair/stubbles grew out. And the other hair strands, I noticed, did not fall off.

That was disappointing. But the worse part of it: Wink GH was all sales talk in my last visit. I was being bombarded by ALL of the staff to avail of their promo for gmax and revlite. Good thing I didn’t give in because

  1. Gmax didn’t work as well as diode did for me
  2. I was given wrong information about the promos, despite asking that they write it down
  • Promo was different when I was there
  • When I called back apparently it cannot be paid by card in installment

It was so unprofessional and annoying. Ms. Holly Chang, in case you get to read this, I hope you look into this. Before heavily marketing anything, please see to it that your staff has the correct details. Also, please see to it that your clients are taken care of first before all the marketing. I understand that maybe they get commissions so they’re all out selling, but I am 90% not coming back to Wink because I feel that your business is all money now and less service.

So, my very few readers, any suggestions where I should do my booster shots and revlite soon?

Cheap Isn’t Always The Way To Go

I’ve had it with EO. As in Executive Optical. Yeah, it’s cheap and sometimes they have good deals but service is most of the time unprofessional and annoying.

I’ve been getting my toric lenses from them for the last 10 years or so…. And I’ve been asking them if they have any of better quality. The answer is no. They carry their own generic brand. For about Php 795, a pair will last 3 months. But it’s gross! Like every use, there’s so much deposit. Plus the quality isn’t consistent. I once got one that felt weird when I tried it on for the first time. I took it off and wore it again, et voila, it was torn. I called the store and told them they gave me substandard lenses. They weren’t surprised to hear this but they gave me a hard time replacing my lens. As in I went there and Stupid Employee 1 (SE1) said the manager will be in in about an hour. So I went around the mall and came back. Then SE1 introduced me to an optometrist who he said can help but she was the duh-est person there. She said she can’t help me. So I talked to SE1 and I said wtf, you made me talk to that optometrist for nothing? And then he said he didn’t say the optometrist can help me. I said he did, and that’s why for the nth time I told them how they gave me substandard lens. And he was just saying so much crap defending himself. I was already raising my voice. I told him I’m tired of waiting and dealing with stupid. He still answered back! I told him to shut up and I wanted to review their cctv to see proof that he called me from their sitting area to talk to that optometrist. He still wanted to answer back but I really stared at him like my eyes would stab him! A lady SE2 approached me and apologized for SE1. I said I don’t want to repeat anything anymore and where is that manager. She was behind me and SE2 introduced us. So finally they agreed to replace the torn lens. And I said I’m a rational person so I won’t get mad unless someone did something bad to me. The manager apologized. After a week I picked up my lens, no questions asked. And I’ve never set foot in an EO ever since. Eew.

I’ve been meaning to see an opthalmologist, my high school friend but I’ve been so busy and haven’t been around in his clinic’s area. I needed new lenses before I left for Boracay so I went to this rather expensive optical shop in our near by mall. I went through a very thorough examination by their optometrist. Like really thorough it took us an hour. They only checked my eyes once the whole time I got my lenses at EO. 

So after all that, we saw that my astigmatism is significantly lower for both eyes. And I’m now using nicer lenses even if they’re much more expensive (Php 3,990 for 3 pairs each can last up to a month). But since I don’t wear my lenses everyday, they really last longer.

With it came old school cleaning lens case (the one with the cage!) and I need to use it with AO Sept solution. It’s the one with the red cap as in DANGEROUS to put in your eyes!

So far my Air Optix are okay. I hope they last long heheπŸ‘€πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘€πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘€

Everyone Has A Price

That’s the sad reality. Everyone has a price. Dignity? How much?

(Bad hormone day, sorry)

This week alone, I have at least 3 kwentos of people and establishments that are easily compromised by money. No respect to profession, dignity or whatever they wanna hold on to. Hmph!

I’ll just make kwento the one where I can least get trouble haha so I make it a point to write reviews on Trip Advisor just to hone whatever writing skills I have in me. A few weeks back, when I thought I needed a staycation, W booked us a nice room (in the photos) at Privato in Shaw Blvd. my goodness, it was the worse. I just didn’t speak up much since W was the one who set the whole staycation up. 

The building itself was awful. No soundproofing. No sleep. Our room was dirty, the toilet seat even had piss stains on them. Shower is not enclosed, you’ll definitely make a mess. And so on. I wrote these in detail, uploaded photos and it won’t be published. In short, not approved. I rewrote it, nicer but still discouraging, and still not approved. I contacted Trip Advisor and told them that there’s no way Privato is a 3 star hotel from what I’ve seen. Their response is that their sister company just passed on the hotel class to them, they’re not in charge of it. I’m just baffled how my review is always rejected for approval when it’s decent. I even checked the 5 star ratings, they all look like they were written by persona accounts – as in no legit photo of the supposed person and only one review from that account, and mostly answering and disproving the 1 star ratings. Terrible. Trip Advisor is mainly the reason W booked here. The room photos are also different from the actual. Had we know this building sucks, we would have gone to our go to hotel in Pasig, Discovery Suites. 


Gross Privato Hotel

Privato Hotel

It’s a shame this place is operated by Enderun.



I feel bad for these other people. At least their review was approved and published.

Validity in Life

We all have our eccentricities. Growing up, I learned that having my own weirdness isn’t bad or abnormal, but it’s part of my identity. Especially if it doesn’t hurt anyone, don’t hide it. And don’t make anyone feel bad about their weirdness. That’s just not fair.

Last week, everyone was talking about Angie’s coming out. It’s sad that she had to hide her true self because she was afraid what others would say. I wont lie that there have been times that I wasn’t worried about what other people would say. But then again, I thought about the validity of those people in my life. None. So what? Move on!

There’s this guy that my husband’s friends hang out with. He’s just really annoying. Not to mention, the poison of the group. We don’t even know where this guy went to school, who his old or other friends are, we just don’t know anything about him. He has the foulest mouth and the worst demaning gossips about us and his other friends. We just invite him out of courtesy to our other friends. But really, his just some weed trying to blend in. Until one time we’ve all had enough of his gossips about us. It was bastos already. I confronted him, but of course the dude was a coward and denied everything. We thought it would stop there but he approached another friend and said nasty things about me and my husband. Too bad for him, this person has also had enough of his crap. They don’t talk now. Friendship over. I thought about this person’s validity in my life. Zero. So no more invite next time. Manigas ka, you effin outsider. 

I recall another “friend”. I screen shot was sent to me, telling our other friend that I was a loser for not announcing my engagement and wedding on social media. Speculating that we didn’t have any money so we weren’t announcing and inviting people. The truth: I REALLY WANTED A SMALL WEDDING! But that was impossible because my husbands immediate family alone is already huge! Our first guest count was 150, 100 for him, 50 for me. Who were we kidding. It became 250, 150 for him, 100 for me. We weren’t able to invite college classmates and our parents’ friends. So where does this bitch sit in? Never even thought of her the whole time we were planning our wedding. Zero validity. 

I just realized now that both persons have really bad issues. The chismoso’s issue is that her gf is no longer with him because her family cannot accept him, he’s not Chinese. And this girl, her own mom unfriended her on social media because she doesn’t like who she was marrying! Why? Because the guy is in debt, both parents terminally ill, wont sell properties to sustain their expenses, so she’s paying off his bills. At least that’s what most of her friends said why they don’t like the guy too.

But why drag me down in their situation? They can call me if they need someone to talk to but why drag me down with that situation. Ugh. These invalid people.

So anyway, lesson learned. If it doesn’t hurt anyone, think about others’ validity. If it’s zero, go for it haha

I love the UNFOLLOW Button!

You read it right! By far, it’s my favorite button so far in social media.
This button is so powerful, guys. And it actually makes you a better person.

If your friend/contact posts something often that you’re not interested in, or actually, find it to be too much bullsh!t, go to his profile and hit the UNFOLLOW button. No need to react harshly. No need to read about it all the time. The Unfollow button lets you keep him in your list as your friend, but you don’t have to deal with his crap every day, or should I say, every minute!

I’ve unfollowed several people already. And honestly, social media shouldn’t be the basis of your relationship. The Unfollow button is like muting unsolicited blurbs from someone. A lot of people forget that it’s ok to have different opinions! We just need to respect them, the person and his opinion. The Unfollow button helps me keep better relationships despite how strongly people feel about things, especially if it’s different from mine. Be it politics, socio and eco news, fashion, what have you, let’s co-exist, no problem!

I actually I have relatives that I have deliberately blocked since the time of Multiply because they’re so judgmental. I don’t need to be judged all the time. I’m a grown up and I trust myself that I make sound decisions. Relatives, let’s just see each other during lunch/dinner. If you have a problem with me, go tell my Mom and Dad. They raised me 😜

Wanna know who I have unfollowed in Facebook so far? It’s very interesting:

  1. The friend who said her son needs surgery asap and collected at least USD 2,000 from our network. Still no surgery (it’s been a year to date) and she gets defensive when you ask about how her son is doing. And she gives parenting advise on her status to those who don’t need it. Bye!
  2. The batchmate who posts how much she loves her Balenciaga rainbow, wants to sell one of the Pradas she recently bought because she wants to lessen the guilt. Whatever man.
  3. The batchmate who posts her conceited conversations with her husband that always leads to him telling her she’s pretty. But guess what, she’s too hard to recognize now. Too much work done. Tsk tsk!
  4. The doctor friend who works in a gym but talks sh!t about other people who work out where he works out and even takes pictures and posts online. I hope no one turns on you and I hope you get to keep your license. Behave man. You’re a licensed professional.
  5. The friend who posts expensive stuff but you know she’s not well off.
  6. The friend who posts too much political crap, and makes it so obvious that he does not understand politics and is totally clueless about what’s really going on and does not know anyone.
  7. The friend of a friend who talks too much about people not in his circle. Learn from Gossip Girl dude. You’re an outsider. Gossiping about us won’t draw you closer to us. Get a life and maybe buy new friends with your money.
  8. The tagger. Tags me every freakin time for his business that isn’t even legit!
  9. The one man complaints department. All his posts are complaints. Like nothing is ever his fault why his world sucks.
  10. Ms. Autobiography. Every minute there is an update to what she’s doing, thinking, eating, pooping!! No one cares that much.
  11. GGSS. Gandang ganda sa sarili. Selfie all the time. I wanna tell you that your selfies are often taken as screenshot and passed around in Whatsapp and Viber to piss off people. Sorry dude. I didn’t start it.
  12. The political whore. Enough said.
  13. La Boba. Can ask bazillion questions but never thought of using Google. I always say, GMT! As in Google Mo, Tamad or Google Mo, Tanga!

Had enough? Me too! But they’re still my friends/contacts. The Unfollow button won’t do you harm. 

Have you Unfollowed anyone?