Unjust Fixation: Peach Mango Pie

Remember the BPI-Jollibee promo a few months/years back? I guess that was the time when the peach mango pie was back in my radar. Good. Because remember how I can’t have dairy and cold stuff? This is a good dessert for me. Although I haven’t been having fast food recently. Thank God.
I was up today at 7am. I had to supervise a few things here in the condo. I really didn’t have time to cook so we double dated with JV and RC in Jollibee.

peach mango pie

Peach Mango Pie!

peach mango pie crust

I looove ze crust!

Did you know they come in three’s now? Well, you can still buy 1. 

There you have it. My unjust fixation for the peach mengow pie!

Catching Up

I’ve been busy even if I needed to be on bed rest last week. My goodness. I think the only difference from a normal week is that I can’t go out of the condo, and I stayed in bed or the couch most of the time. But here are a few things that went down last week.

Home Loan shizz

I got an email from our condo developer that we owe them Almost Php 50,000 as our home loan was not 100% approved. In fairness to the developer, they’re now easier to contact and well documented. It’s our bank’s home loan department that’s annoying. This home loan is for our parking space, which we acquired much later than our units. So I looked back at our email trails, evidently, I had the correct amount from the beginning (like April pa ha, they only processed it August!). Come approval, it looks like one person in their department made a mistake with 1 measly digit! We (me, W and our acct/bank manager) all overlooked it. W got so mad.  We can include the 50k to our loan but they will charge us again all the fees. He was sooo red. Cmon. It’s 50k. We know how to handle our finances but what really ticked us off is the home loan account officer. Let’s use the name Maya Bubwito for her. 

  1. She is so damn hard to contact. Phone. Text. Email. So effin pa-artista!
  2. She doesn’t answer questions directly. She’s like a stupid PUV driver who does something stupid, then stops because you know his bull shit then looks away to the other direction para hindi mamura!
  3. She referred to our developer for our loan. So W asked who is the client, the developer or the unit owner? We applied for the whole amount, but she asked the developer for the amount, less fees etc. why would you do that?
  4. She never apologized for any mistake or delay! Imagine I’ve been handling this since April, August lang natapos! Geez. Tapos hindi pa pala tapos for August coz she left a few strings hanging!
  5. She claims to never have seen our Contract to Sell, Which is plain BS because that’s one of the prerequisites for a home loan, right? 

Until now, W hasn’t reviewed the whole new payment scheme plus additional payments. Our bank manager called apologizing. He was making amends, buti pa sya. W said naman to an email to Maya Bubwito na he is at fault partly for trusting her. Because we’ve had several transactions with the bank manager and lahat naman tama, he does as we expect. This Bubwito didn’t. So hopefully W has time na to review so we can either pay na the 50k or do the new computation na. More than 10 years of banking with the same branch, this is the first time W encountered someone so self righteous. I get that maybe she really can’t admit that she made a mistake, that’s bad for business, but she isn’t doing anything to help us. Not even a tiny gesture that would show remorse. Grrr diba!

Identity Kwento

Remember how I’m fixing JV’s government papers? We finally got his Birth Certificate and he has his birthday wrong! He’s apparently 5 years younger than he knows! Geez. Not only the wrong year ha, wrong month and day too. He said his mom submitted his Birth Certificate to the city hall before with corrections, but the it wasn’t honored since it was just erased by ballpen and no court order or notary public etc. ay nako naman. I didn’t lecture him that what his mom did isn’t the correct process.

So now I know 2 people who were told differently about their identities. 

I used to work with C. I know that her parents aren’t together but I didn’t know that she never met her mom. Her dad is in another country. So one of the holidays the dad came home and they talked. She asked about her mom named xxx and the dad was like, “Where’d you get that name?” Apparently the dad just made up that name when he applied for her Birth Certificate. No such person exists! Oh my goodness. How effed up is that? Imagine your whole life you know and believe xxx is your mother only to be told 25 years later it’s a made up name and no such person exists! I’m not sure how her relationship with her dad is now after all this.

That’s not even half of my bed rest week. Sorry but I’ll keep the other events private for the meantime or forever haha

But look, I have a new game haha Qbert!


Philanthropist Wannabe


I am on official bed rest from yesterday until further notice. It’s so boring!

Actually, not really. I suddenly have a ton of things to do, not for myself but for work (hah what work). Seriously, I’ve always wanted to do government work. I saw how my relatives in service are well appreciated and loved by the public and their constituents. Even if they don’t have much (more often than not abonado pa), they’re so happy and they get to help a lot of people.

They’re also how we knew first hand that media just screws up a lot even if all you’re trying to do is help the public. Pfft. Anyway.

W always knew I wanted to work for non-profits and NGOs but he discouraged me since we don’t ask support from our parents, and we need to be realistic that I won’t earn at all in non-profits (unless funded by WB or ADB, etc). I tried working for a local NGO, I lasted a month! Only because the leader didn’t like me (because training me would cost half a million daw and then I wont stay long?!) and her team didn’t really know much about development communication. Whereas, I was a masteral student then of development communication. I was the last person brought in to the team, and they wouldn’t honor my ideas (sad). A few years passed, and I learned that our boss was terminally ill. She died not a month within reading the email sent to us, written by her son.

So I told W that when his business has taken off, I want to be his philanthropy partner. Business is ok, still small sized but doing fairly good. Unfortunately, as early as now, we need to help one employee who is at the brink of losing his sight. Don’t get me wrong. We’re generous especially during Christmas season with bonuses, give aways and gifts, when an employee is sick, and all. This is the first and hopefully the last that we’ll have an employee with such bad condition. Please pray for us that his operation will be successful.


We’ve  done check ups for JV regarding his eyes. Several doctors have seen him and whoah, it will take a lot for him to get better. He keeps insisting forget it, he has one more eye, but I’m like, “Hindi pwedeng ganyan. Swerte tayo maraming gustong tumulong sa tin. Hindi lahat ng tao binibigyan ng ganyang pagkakataon.” I guess I knocked some sense into him so he returned to me today with his Birth Certificate request from SM Business Center and his SSS number verification because he doesn’t know it and he knows he has two!

We’ll wait for his Birth Certificate next week then resume the papers for his SSS and Philhealth. 


I’m really pushing that we get his Philhealth rolling because remember when my shoti had an appendectomy a few months back? He used his Philhealth which had about 4 years contributions or so, and his bill was greatly discounted. Depends on the hospital also but we kept everything at minimum for him then as he wished. So from about Php 55k, his bill was about Php 25k+ thanks to Philhealth.

Also, I wanna share my positive experience with SSS. Since JV doesn’t know his number, I called the Cubao Office and inquired. Less than 3 rings someone picked up, and my inquiry was answered straight, concise and respectfully. I hope all government offices are like that. 

So good luck to us with all the paper work so we can finally get JV’s eye operated on.

Gossips and Chismosas

I’ve been our of the corporate scene for over a year now. Basically, I’m just managing my small home, and ocassionally I scold my dad or brothers because my mom asks me to (my mom’s a genius, delegation of task!) I do chores, I take care of responsibilities and I take my time. I can’t be stressed.

A lot of people think I’m just a bum at home, but I’m really not. I try to help out with business and I help out my folks when they need anything. When I say folks that’s bio and in laws. I don’t mind. I’m lucky to have the nicest and sweetest folks.

I get to do a lot of thinking too. Ideas, events, things, people… Of course everyone gossips. Pfft. Wag mag malinis.

I’ve been the subject of gossip. It’s funny when it reaches you. So it was college and I was in a failed relationship. Of course, I was sad and detached from most people. So I thought I should do what makes me happy … I played soccer again. I got a very nice tan from all the practices and games. I was lean and slim. Hell, I looked good. People couldn’t believe it, neither did I. Until the failed guy just popped out of nowhere and said I should stop doing drugs. I laughed out loud. I said, dude, drugs? I’ve been playing soccer and I’ve competed in the UPSILON Cup! Ang jologs ng chimis na yun. My gad!!

Another one was in my first year at work. That December I had to undergo surgery. I had cysts removed from both my ovaries, I had endometriosis. I had to stay home for a month because it was a C section. I was so bored and caught up with my friend’s college gf. They weren’t together anymore. I told her I was so bored at home, I had to rest because of my endometriosis. After a few days, one of my college barkadas reached out to me, asking how I was because he heard I was fired from my job. I was endo! Haha ang jologs diba! And to think that ex gf of my friend went to Assumption. Antipolo nga lang haha but come on. Who mistakes endometriosis from end contract ng mga trabahador. Mukha ba akong trabahador? Imagine how insecure that bitch was to make up something like that.

What sucks about gossips and gossiping is that sometimes, it’s about your friends, and some people are clouded by what they hear. Despite how stupid or outrageous the gossip is. The juicier, the better. And then they don’t even verify the truth to it. They just judge you. Even cut ties because they’ve made up their minds about you. Never mind the years of friendship. Ang pinagsamahan. The times you were there for that person when she was so helpless and pathetic at one point in her life, and you were there.

I’ve detoxed from people like these. But you’ll never know who’s shallow until time passes and things change. No wonder some people just shut the new people in their life out. Can’t blame them.

I saw a few friends have differences and were pulled apart by pride and perhaps some madness. And then there was this one person who chose a side, without even knowing what’s really happening. I pity that person a lot. Aside from judging this one person unfairly, she acted like a total child, when we thought she’d be the mature one since she’s married and with kids. Puro yabang lang pala, whatta friend rin pala.

Be anything, just don’t be THAT kind of friend.

Kim Henares, Paranoia, Jet Lag and What Have You

So it’s been almost a week since we got back from our Winter Euro Trip. I’m not sure if I’m just really arte but when we got back, there was just so many things to do that we didn’t get to rest much. We didn’t even sleep in our flight, can’t blame us, there were a lot of good new releases in the entertainment system heehee

Like today, I woke up at 430am. That’s been normal for me this past week. Sometimes I can get back to sleep, like right now I can’t so I had my flied lies (fried rice!) with hot and spicy Spam leftover already. I have errands for later before lunch, so good luck to me. I slept before 11pm naman last night, and I was really knocked out. No idea why since I napped in the afternoon after my chores, a good hour and a half zzzz.

I noticed I’ve been getting several more views than usual from the Philippines. I got paranoid haha what if it was Kim Henares checking on me haha kasi I mentioned shopping a few times in my last entires haha I remember some of my friends were recently in the Lifestyle section of a newspaper. And someone said it’s Kim Henares’ favorite newspaper page to read HAHAHA

My eyes feel puffy now. I think I need to get back to bed with that hunk of a husband on the 1/4 side of the bed haha maybe I need to pull the shades down? Bahala na.

I wanna write so much more pa.
About the trip
About how my kakuriputan backfired
About how much food we ate during the trip
About the drama when we saw the Northern Lights
Stuff like that. Next time na when I close some deals and when I get to finish my errands and chores.

PS: if you really are Kim Henares, wala po akong kasalanan! Nagbabayad ako ng tamang buwis sa lahat! Tanong nyo pa accountant namin heehee


Have you ever apologized to someone and really mean it?
Or didn’t really mean it, just to get over with it?

Have you ever apologized for something you didn’t even do?
Have you ever apologized to someone that you think didn’t even deserve it?

Have you ever apologized and got an uncivilized response?

One thing’s for sure: mustering strength to apologize is tough for many. Admitting one’s mistake is hard. Imagine the damage it does to the ego.

Twice is the answer to my last question. I didn’t even do anything wrong. I apologized to make things and relationships better. But these people have already made up their minds.

One person thought I told on her. Her girlfriend lost her job and was blaming me for it. While it was true that I made a follow up on their department for several important matters they were taking a while to attend to (I didn’t even report that they were slacking off), I didn’t say anything else. We were down sizing that time and I saw how people lost their jobs. They saw it too. And they weren’t shaping up. I wonder why she didn’t think her job was in danger. Fast forward to a new and what I thought was a better career, we crossed paths. She was talking shit about me. I wrote her an email apologizing for the misunderstanding. I explained my side and asked for forgiveness for whatever I have done to hurt her. Her response was wow. So inhuman. Like I was in control of her life. Like she doesn’t make mistakes. Like forgiveness didn’t exist. Like she was the devil (I would have said God but God forgives). I’m glad I wrote you that email, it was a monkey off my back. But I tell you M, the longer you don’t take responsibility for your own actions, the crappier your life will get. Good luck. God bless. My conscience is clear. I’d ask you the same thing but sorry. I don’t care.

The other one, now that I think about it, is a similar lazy guy. Only this one was a member of a cult known for backstabbing. Anyway!
He wasn’t working well with others. Our colleagues were reporting him to me. We were very candid in that office, but apparently the wisecracks were only valid if it came from them. I didn’t know that. So things weren’t going well. I talked to this guy and his body language alone was so disrespectful. Let alone the way he talked to me. I asked what I did wrong and apparently he was offended by my wisecrack. I felt so ashamed for what I did. I took a minute and then said an apology. This guy told me he doesn’t accept it. Kapal ng mukha noh? Hindi marunong magpatawad. He belittled me. He told me how I’m not worth anything, same with my apology. With this I felt so much better that I was the better person in that room even if I did something wrong. At first I wanted to win his friendship again but forget it. Right there and then, I saw his true colors. I didn’t need that kind of person in my life. I went on with life professionally and of course, this guy made more mistakes. Several uneducated moves and he was gone. He thought so highly of himself that he couldn’t forgive and didn’t know how to ask for forgiveness. That’s a shame. Happy he’s not in my life anymore.

We all make mistakes. Let’s learn from them.

Lord, forgive me for my short comings. I’m not perfect. I stumble at times. It’s difficult to try to be like you. But we try our best with your guidance to be of service to God.

PS: quota na ata ako sa uncivilized response from heart felt apologies. No more na please, God? 😀

I Don’t Sleep, I Dream

Ever since CMF and I started watching The Walking Dead every night in multiple episodes, I’ve been having weird dreams haha (aside from the marathon from Fox Channel)

Well, this one isn’t a dream but one time, W stretched and yawned, and I thought he sounded like a walker so I gasped real loud, and good thing I didn’t smack his face. W was panicking and asked me what was going on. I realised I was half asleep and imagining things haha

Last night, I had several weird dreams. Good I can remember a lot!

So first was, that Ed’s dad is gay. What’s weird is that in my dream, I’ve been seeing his dad around with guys but didn’t think anything of it. But then I see their neighbor, Ces and she tells me that he’s so gay, etc. Weird. Waaay too weird.

Second is that I was in somewhat a nipa hut or so, and that my old boss JW wanted to see me, because he wanted me to work with him again. I was with someone, I don’t remember who, then we were in a small office and we were talking. Man, he put on some weigh. Haha

Next was that I came home and dragged myself to bed. I plopped on my pillow face down, and just slept. Through the night, I heard a knock on my door but I didn’t answer it. The next morning, Mike was at the door, knocking. When I answered it, he asked me, “Alam mo bang nangyari dito?” I said no, and he showed me the door and our hallway – it was all splattered with blood. I figured there were walkers! Wtf!!

Last but not the least, I was face to face with the person who made things very difficult for me in the workplace. I think he was taunting me with something. But I confronted him and said something like, “you’re just probably embarrassed that I caught you in front of the team not working and playing hooky. That’s the truth, isn’t it? You, ***** and *****. The 3 of you barely work, and I reported it. You made and diverted the issue to me.” I have no idea what this dream was all about but I’ve forgiven and I hope this person is more mature now because he is a husband and father. Your machismo wont feed them. You may be good but you were never humble. Humility, honesty and kindness will take you farther than your boastfulness, knowhow and pride.

These dreams, I tell you!

I asked God last night to save me from dreaming of The Walking Dead hehe but still there was a few hints.

Thank you God for watching over us as we sleep. Thank you for letting us rest and recuperate. Please bless the people who have wronged us. Please bless the people I’ve wronged.