Movin in! I blog through my mobile devices. Be ready for any typos and jumbled thoughts! I’m only human!

As much as possible I try to see the good in the bad. Operative word is TRY.


31 years old as of writing

Favorite daughter, sister and aunt of my dearest family

Sweet love, best friend, loyal, supportive and loving wife, sexy cheerleader but awkward assistant to my W (hindi talaga ako pwedeng utusan)

Quirky, funny, moody and fierce friend. I stand up to what is good and right. (Yup, don’t mess with me)

I write what I feel. I write for myself and whoever’s interested. Bash me all you want but it’s just gonna mean you’re unhappy with your own life.


I stopped using tags in my recent blogs because I’m getting too much attention than I expected.

2 thoughts on “About

  1. je says:

    Randomly found your blog while searching hsg. Your blog gives me a sense of sanity because it feels good to know all the emotions I’ve been going through, there’s someone out there inspiring amidst the pains. I hope there’s a way we could communicate without posting comments.

    • Hallo Je! I’m patcmanila on Instagram. You can send me a DM there. Facebook is just so melodramatic and spammy nowadays 😊 you’re never alone with whatever you’re going through

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