Coffee Bags

I think the first time I tried coffee bags was 2013. We stayed in Marina Bay Sands in Singapore and this was their complimentary coffee. 

I loved it! Too bad I didn’t think of searching for it in the local groceries in Singapore.  

There’s just somethig about it.. the flavor is full despite not being freshly ground. 

I tried contacting Robert Timms Australia if I can order online but they responded flat out that they don’t ship to Manila. Such a turn off.

So I tried to look for other alternatives. When I was still working, I was able to chance upon Marks and Spencer’s Decaf Coffee Drip.. I’m not sure if that’s what it’s actually called. It comes in a blue box.. you have 10 plastic drips that you can put on top of your coffee mug and fill it up with hot water and let it drip. It was ok. It was around Php 300 so maybe Php 30 per cup. It’s not so bad but it’s not the best either. Wait wait. I’m not such a coffee drinker ha. Baka sabihin nyo, sino ba tong magaling na to! Haha I have my own (weird) taste. 

I haven’t beeing drinking coffee much. But I do when I know I’m in a good coffee place (so far what catches my fancy is Toby’s Estate capuccino and the free local brewed in Piandre hehe). But this morning I’m having Folgers Decaf Coffee Bags! It’s from my Mom’s care package hehe ❤


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