I had my first Lymphocyte Immunization Therapy (LIT) session last Saturday morning. The thought of it terrified me. I saw horrible photos on Instagram and from Google… it made me uneasy. 

Note to self and everyone else: trust your doctor. If you don’t, find a new one you can trust. 

Lucky me, my immunologist is one of the best in the country. So what was supposed to look like a bingo card on my arm, was only 2 injections. And I didn’t even feel a thing, honestly!

What’s more amazing is that this therapy to raise my 0% LAT to at least 80% has no down time! I can do anything and everything; my doctor put a waterproof bandage before my bandage that’s supposed to protect me from the sun. Yes, I can even swim indoors! Niiice!

I pray a lot before going back to the doctor especially if I have a test or treatment. I always ask the Lord to remind me that he’s with me. And I ask for extra cheer leaders (guardian angels!). Just to show support haha 😊

Always remember, you’re stronger than you think you are. And this is because God loves you!


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