Olats Online Shopping

This is my personal experience. Again, please don’t bash me for my opinions. If you had a good experience with these vendor/service providers, that’s awesome.

I love online shopping but only from reputable brands and online stores.

Lazada has a really good online presence, and perhaps a very good digital marketing team even before that term was widely used. I know a very good SEO guy who had an interview with them when they were starting out but was not offered a position. They needed someone better or so. Wow, we all thought!

I’ve heard of the horror stories about Lazada. And I’ve really avoided shopping there unless it was a damn good deal. Like our slow cookers! Hehe Php 999 from Php 1,200 and it was delivered immediately in good condition.

Anyhoo, 3 weeks ago, CMF ordered a watch repair kit from Lazada. I investigated the seller and it seemed legit and had 1 good feedback. So we received the kit. Wow. Check these out:

This is the Watch Repair Kit CMF ordered online. It was even itemized in detail. He needed it to change watch straps.

This was what arrived! What the heck is it? I don’t think they look the same!

Further searching in Lazada, under the same vendor, I found out that this is a Lock Pick Set! Geez. Ang layo ha, Lazada! What gives!

So we were sent the wrong item! Argh! Hassle! CMF asked that we have it exchanged because he really needed the watch repair kit. So I followed the exchange process of Lazada. Printed the label, etc. I had JV drop it off to the nearest LBC. 

After like 2 days, I got aan email from Lazada saying I can get my refund at ANY LBC branch. What gives. I wanted the Watch Repair Kit, not a refund. So anyway, I went to LBC in the mall near my place. They said they can’t release the refund because the refund is open in a different branch. Specifically where our messenger dropped of the returned item. Ugh.

So I sent my messenger to that other branch with authorization letter and my id. Guess what. The refund is not available there, but the branch where I just came from! Grrr!

I sent my messenger again. And that mall branch says I have to personally collect the money! Argh. So one time after gym I went there. I had a copy of my id and not the actual one because I don’t really carry much personal stuff in my gym bag. They refused. Has to be my real id. And they said I need to apply for an LBC id or else they wont give my refund! Geez. These guys really want my personal info. Nevermind!!

I wrote Lazada and told them my story. So they said they will refund me via bank transfer, my preferred refund method. But it took half a month! They emailed everyday that they’re working on it, but not really. I wrote them again, and apparently they needed a copy of my id as my username and account name are different from my name in my bank account! I dunno who’s stupid enough to make those the same. Anyway, after giving a copy of my id with watermarks all over that it is only for my refund, they finally deposited my money. 

And I will NEVER, EVER transact with Lazada again and never use LBC for money transfer. Eew.


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