Good bye Chris Cornell

If you know me personally (which I highly doubt), you know that my taste in music is all out 90s alternative, rock, grunge and everything in between. The boy band and pop stuff – not so much but yeah pk, I listen to it too, otherwise I might not have friends LOL

I was so sad last night to find out Chris Cornell, frontman of several awesome bands like Sound Garden and Audioslave, passed away yesterday. I was out all afternoon til after dinner because of that  darn migraine and then when I woke up… he was gone! 😣

At home or wherever and whenever, I still listen to my 90s stuff. Most of it STP, Jeff Buckley, Silverchair, Sound Garden, Bush, Garbage, Foo Fighters, Goo Goo Dolls etc… so I feel really sad that another good man is down. Chris Cornell had that really smooth, sexy and soothing rock alternative voice. Even when he just talks – laglag brip eheste panty harharhar

I thought I was overreacting but then CMF said he’s also really sad about CC passing. We didn’t even get a chance to watch him live. Last night, I played a CC playlist whilst in the shower and CMF was finishing up some work. First song up aas Sunshower from the Great Expectations Original Sound Track. Sooo sad. And yet his voice was so soothing. And the message of the song 😭😭😭

I came across this FB post of my former high school teacher. She is the only cool high school teacher I had.. listen to Pearl Jam and the like. She posted this:

I dont own this photo. Grabbed from Ms. Lacanients

I was just browsing through CC’s Twitter account and sh!t. I learned that we missed him in Reykjavik by a few weeks!! 

From his Twitter. Chris Cornell was in Reykjavik in March 2016! Missed him by 3 weeks!!! 😭

And this view. I know where here was when he took this photo. This is our favorite spot!! 😭

Another one bites the dust. Praying for Chris and his family… and will never stop playing your songs over and over.

May you rest in peace. Thank you for sharing your beautiful voice, poetry and music. Good bye Chris Cornell. Photo from Chris Cornell’s Twitter account.


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