Good People and Good Vibes

Yesterday fternoon, we got a call from a supplier. He was apologizing and asked for help because his messenger lost his bg, it had the check we sent him that morning and a few other cash payments from other clients. This supplier is very nice so we felt really bad he lost money.

I then called our bank and asked about cancelling the check. I needed a Stop Payment Order form signed and sent to the branch. It had corresponding fees too. I was on my way to get a form and call our messenger when the supplier called back.

He said someone found and returned the bag! A person they didn’t even know. The person said he saw the hardware’s name on our check, that’s how he was able to find the owner. Plus, all the cash was intact! Everything was intact. Cash and all checks. I guess the supplier was in disbelief but all my husband could say was it was a really good day.

Imagine that. Their area isn’t even the nicest, from what I remember it’s near the market so it was so hectic and there are always a lot of people so it kinda gives you an unsafe vibe. But this happened. Honestly, I’m annoyed when people say “faith in humanity restored” because I never lost my faith in humanity. It’s just really hard to find genuinely kind people right now, and maybe this kind of mentality, despite being a joke for majority, is on of the reasons why these people are hard to find.

Last night in our prayer, I thanked God for so many things and I asked for a few things too. It was quite long, W was even falling asleep. But when I asked him if he had a few more things to pray for, he said the most heartfelt prayer for that honest person. ❤️

The kindest people don’t have to treat you lavishly. They don’t always carry Goyards and check the time on their Pateks. Some of them don’t look well off but pride themselves with good manners, selflessness and good intentions for others. May there be more people like this.


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