Endometrial Scratch

EM Scratch for short.

Last month was the first time I heard of it. And I was told by my ob that they highly recommend this procedure for patients who’ve had a miscarriage (there, I said it).

So I searched online for some reading materials on em scratch, and these were what I found: 

  1. Daily Mail 2015 article
  2. The Telegraph UK 2016 article

It seems simple, but I was worried how it felt like because you don’t need anesthesia for it.

So anyway, em scratch day came. My ob said it was like a pap smear — NOT! Pap smears are just uncomfortable. This was slightly painful. Aside from the discomfort of the speculum, it did give a cramping sensation but it only lasted 2 minutes tops. I just rested sitting down for a few more minutes, and it was all gone. Maybe I was just overreacting after of the tiny sharp pain but it was alright.

Also, it didn’t cost GBP 300! It was a little less than Php 2,000. I’m open to trying anything, especially if it’s this reasonably priced.

So there. Good luck to all of us!


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