How He Became My Pare

January 2009 I went to my friend Louis’ birthday party. Ever since high school he drank a lot, so it takes so many bottles of beer to make him drunk. At the party, Louis told me they have so many dogs from their mini pincher who got pregnant by their shitzu. We went to the puppies and I fell in love with them instantly! Louis offered me one puppy and I gladly accepted. He says I can get him in a few weeks.

But Louis was drunk that time! I didn’t know! So he didn’t know he offered me a puppy! Haha but anyway, we fetched Pare one night. He was the cutest. He went home with me and he stayed with me. I didn’t know back then that he’d be the most loyal and protective dog I’ll ever have.

I told Louis the other day that Pare already passed. I thanked him for being drunk that night, because he wasn’t drunk, I wouldn’t have Pare.

Pare my love, I miss you dearly. Everyday.


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