A Rosary and Blessings

Rosaries are blessings

Rosaries are blessings

This is my new rosary. My youngest brother  gave it to me. It came with a good story. I don’t really know how to feel about it but I’m teary eyed now telling it.

Around two months ago, one late night, M and his gf went to a local burger joint and ordered late dinner. It was 11pm. While waiting, a chubby, cute little girl came in. She was about 6-7 years old. She went from table to table, selling these rosary bracelets. Unfortunately, not one table bought one. She went over to their table and made 2 beautiful flowers out of pink and purple straws and gave it to V. She then set aside her stuff, and bused the tables and even wiped them after putting the soiled dishes away. She caught everyone’s attention but gathered her stuff and prepared to leave.

This was when M had a calling in his heart. He asked the little girl to come and talk to them. They couldn’t offer any food because it has been 40 minutes and their food hasn’t arrived (they actually forgot to make their meals!). Talking to her, they found out that the little girl’s mom is sick and bed ridden, so she’s trying to make Php 500 per night for her school needs and their food for the day. She said she doesn’t know who her father is. She attends public school and she makes and sells rosaries for a living. She’d rather do this than beg. M said that it’s almost midnight and there is curfew in effect so she has to be home already. She said she doesn’t have enough yet to go home. M said it’s very late and she needs to go to school tomorrow, but she said her class doesn’t start until 12nn. He gave her Php 100 for a rosary but she asked how much he wanted. She said just take how many he wants. M said she wont make any profit then. She said “Wala namang lugi dyan, basta maka Php 500 lang po ako.” (There won’t be any deficit for me, as long as I make Php 500). He asked how much one rosary is. She said Php 30 each, so he just took 3. He then said that she should head home already. She left but they doubt that she headed home.

Unfortunately, their food was still no where to be found. So V asked for a refund. They still wouldn’t refund because they claimed they already cooked their burgers. But they cooked the wrong ones so no go.

After I heard this story, I didn’t know what to feel but I think I felt very sad. At the same time, I felt so humbled and had the urge to feel contented with what I have.

Here’s a little girl, trying to make an honest living for food and education, while others resolve to cheating and illegal deals for luxury.

I realized that we all have our problems. We all have different needs. I tried to picture myself not having much like this little girl, and how would I deal with it. I then tried to picture other people in my situation, and how they’d deal with it. My thoughts will just go in loop.

So I just thought, make the most of what we can do. Make the most with what we are blessed with. Not because others don’t have it but because God has blessed us and it is up to us how to live the best out of these lives we have, paid in full by Christ.

It’s almost Christmas. And Christmas isn’t the only time we should be giving and sharing. I hope we keep that in our minds and in our hearts.

Let’s always pray. While we do our best to make the world a better place, some people still forget. We need to pray.


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