Jeff, Dave and a Dick-tator

I’ve been having busy days but today was quite an emotional roller coaster.

I was set to watch a livestream event in Chicago. Jeff Buckley’s 50th birthday, 12th tribute to him and his great music. I’m a big fan. The show was the best livestream I’ve seen. Jeff’s music has its own soul. And his voice. Oh my, his voice. I feel that if we could her God’s voice, it might be Jeff’s.

When I switched to social media, boom! Former President Ferdinand Marcos was already laid to rest in Libingan ng Mga Bayani. Oh boy. I was so appalled. What more the relatives of martial law human rights victims? Geez. 

I ran some errands. Tired. Rested for a while.

Headed out to a kiddie party. My Uber ride going to Jollibee was good. I got to talking to my driver. He was very nice. We talked about family life, how kids and siblings keep you happy and of course how much better things would be if you can afford to give your family what they deserve. We had a very good conversation. I’m thankful for those moments where you hear life stories and lessons from strangers. I tipped him well. And he couldn’t thank me enough. I know I’m not making any money now but I felt that he needed help and he deserved it because he’s working hard.

The party was fun. And of course, reconnecting with college friends. Memories.

My Uber ride home was good too. And traffic wasn’t too bad, despite the rallies and protests. We passed by the People Power Monument and traffic was unaffected. I really hope something will happen from all that’s happening. Hukayin si Marcos. He’s not a hero.

I’m overflowing with rather serious emotions right now. Gah. Must. Not. Be. Depressed.

God bless the Philippines  šŸ‡µšŸ‡­


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