Diode vs Gentle Max 

This is just my personal experience and opinion so please don’t bash me if we don’t have the same sentiments.

TLDR – I’d go for Diode. More discomfort but it really worked for me. And not in Wink. Anymore.

TL part:

I wrote about my first diode laser hair removal experience in Wink Laser Studio Trinoma here 2 years back. I did 8 sessions religiously under the care of Cathy. After my 8th session, she told me that I’ll only need boosters once a year. Hurray! I was hairless sa kilikili!

After that, I tried 2 sessions of Revlite in Wink BGC. I love Revlite! Those 2 sessions made my underarm prettier haha as in my skin is lighter and less lines and chicken skin. I plan to do more revlite after pregnancy. Whenever that is. Haha!

Last year, I went to Wink GH for a booster shot of diode since I had 2 or 3 stray hairs and I thought it was time anyway.

This year, I noticed I was getting stubbles. So I scheduled for diode in GH. I was overdue by 3 months for my annual booster. Unfortunately, no one in Wink GH contacted me about it. That’s fine. It’s my responsibility anyway. (Wink Trinoma is nice, they even send me auto happy birthday emails!)

When I went to Wink, they told me they were phasing out diode and that I should try Gmax, as in Gentle Max. It’s in form of shots and doesn’t hurt at all. It was supposed to let the hair/stubbles grow out and just fall off on their own after a few days. Maybe they should have told me that when I scheduled for diode? What do you think? Since they all won’t stop agreeing with each other and raving about Gmax, I tried it.

Similar to diode. No pain! But the result 👎🏼

I don’t think the hair/stubbles grew out. And the other hair strands, I noticed, did not fall off.

That was disappointing. But the worse part of it: Wink GH was all sales talk in my last visit. I was being bombarded by ALL of the staff to avail of their promo for gmax and revlite. Good thing I didn’t give in because

  1. Gmax didn’t work as well as diode did for me
  2. I was given wrong information about the promos, despite asking that they write it down
  • Promo was different when I was there
  • When I called back apparently it cannot be paid by card in installment

It was so unprofessional and annoying. Ms. Holly Chang, in case you get to read this, I hope you look into this. Before heavily marketing anything, please see to it that your staff has the correct details. Also, please see to it that your clients are taken care of first before all the marketing. I understand that maybe they get commissions so they’re all out selling, but I am 90% not coming back to Wink because I feel that your business is all money now and less service.

So, my very few readers, any suggestions where I should do my booster shots and revlite soon?


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