Meh Monday and Pretty Busy Weekend

W and I usually run more errands, mostly shopping, on weekends. Saturdays are usually mall nights then Sunday is family time.

On Saturday, I was on a mission to buy an automatic spray for our unit. I’ve kinda had it with insensitive neighbors who leave their doors open, especially those who do it when they’re cooking. Having the corner unit, the smell usually ends up in our small unit. Security became my bff over the holidays because that was the height of our stupid neighbors’ stupidity. So far we haven’t caught anyone yet. But we were able to buy an Air Wick automatic spray in True Value. They actually have Glade too but Air Wick is cheaper by a few hundreds, despite its sensitivity with refills. My folks have a box of refills at home so I can have some, plus there are refills in True Value. The Glade refills are almost Php 200 cheaper in Rustans. But let’s see how things go.

W still get surprised at times when our Air Wick sprays hehe me too but we’ll get used to it. It’s been awesome so far. It smells super good!!!

We had dinner at this hidden Japanese restaurant. Haha or so we think. So far, the last 2 times we had dinner there, we got our meals for free. Why? We usually see parents of our friends, and without telling us, they pay for our meal! It’s quite embarrassing but we’re grateful. These parents of our friends are actually people we look up to, and really talk to from time to time.

Sunday we had a kiddie party in the newest hotel in town. That party was awesome. The food was incredible. Give aways were awesome too. We had a great time, and finally met the birthday girl. She’s so happy and cheerful. That’s how babies should be! We rested home for a while then headed on to the nearby mall and had dinner wih my husband’s clan. I’m lucky that my in laws, seriously all of them, are so lambing and easy to talk to. 3ko showed me an envelope with a few old photos… They all looked great and W and his cousins were mostly chubby in their younger years. Only Atsi was slim and sexy! She always reminded me of Sheryl Cruz but way prettier and of course waaay smarter (Wharton Top 5!)

W and I walked around the mall after everyone left. I was actually craving KFC Crushers but good thing we didn’t pass anywhere. Need to save up. So much expenses in the near future!

Today was really meh for me. I had chores planned but skipped them. And I felt so sad for no reason at all. My hormones took over today. Not even chocolates helped. Oh dear.

Christmas is less than 2 months away. I dread the traffic and stress. But I think I just need to focus. It’s not about the gifts, the parties, etc. it’s about love, spending time with family and friends, the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ. CHRISTmas. Need to keep it in mind, and in our hearts.


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