Cheap Isn’t Always The Way To Go

I’ve had it with EO. As in Executive Optical. Yeah, it’s cheap and sometimes they have good deals but service is most of the time unprofessional and annoying.

I’ve been getting my toric lenses from them for the last 10 years or so…. And I’ve been asking them if they have any of better quality. The answer is no. They carry their own generic brand. For about Php 795, a pair will last 3 months. But it’s gross! Like every use, there’s so much deposit. Plus the quality isn’t consistent. I once got one that felt weird when I tried it on for the first time. I took it off and wore it again, et voila, it was torn. I called the store and told them they gave me substandard lenses. They weren’t surprised to hear this but they gave me a hard time replacing my lens. As in I went there and Stupid Employee 1 (SE1) said the manager will be in in about an hour. So I went around the mall and came back. Then SE1 introduced me to an optometrist who he said can help but she was the duh-est person there. She said she can’t help me. So I talked to SE1 and I said wtf, you made me talk to that optometrist for nothing? And then he said he didn’t say the optometrist can help me. I said he did, and that’s why for the nth time I told them how they gave me substandard lens. And he was just saying so much crap defending himself. I was already raising my voice. I told him I’m tired of waiting and dealing with stupid. He still answered back! I told him to shut up and I wanted to review their cctv to see proof that he called me from their sitting area to talk to that optometrist. He still wanted to answer back but I really stared at him like my eyes would stab him! A lady SE2 approached me and apologized for SE1. I said I don’t want to repeat anything anymore and where is that manager. She was behind me and SE2 introduced us. So finally they agreed to replace the torn lens. And I said I’m a rational person so I won’t get mad unless someone did something bad to me. The manager apologized. After a week I picked up my lens, no questions asked. And I’ve never set foot in an EO ever since. Eew.

I’ve been meaning to see an opthalmologist, my high school friend but I’ve been so busy and haven’t been around in his clinic’s area. I needed new lenses before I left for Boracay so I went to this rather expensive optical shop in our near by mall. I went through a very thorough examination by their optometrist. Like really thorough it took us an hour. They only checked my eyes once the whole time I got my lenses at EO. 

So after all that, we saw that my astigmatism is significantly lower for both eyes. And I’m now using nicer lenses even if they’re much more expensive (Php 3,990 for 3 pairs each can last up to a month). But since I don’t wear my lenses everyday, they really last longer.

With it came old school cleaning lens case (the one with the cage!) and I need to use it with AO Sept solution. It’s the one with the red cap as in DANGEROUS to put in your eyes!

So far my Air Optix are okay. I hope they last long heheπŸ‘€πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘€πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘€


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