Boracay Birthday Bash

 Just kidding! We just went to Boracay for our birthdays. No party or whatsoever. Just the two of us, wala nga kahit isang guest haha

This trip was awesome despite serious hesitations from me:

  1. I have been avoiding Boracay ever since and never went because I thought it was overrated.
  2. I hate flying Cebu Pacific. I have been avoiding them since I can remember. I think my last Cebu Pacific ride was when we weren’t married yet. So more or less 8 years or so.
  3. The weather is always rainy during our birthday. We’ve had cold or rainy weather in Kuala Lumpr and Taipei.

Cebupac was ok when we went. Plane was new and cabin crew were very professional. It just went all downhill when Typhoon Karen came in Luzon and there was an announcement that there were a lot flight cancellations on Oct 16, and that all flights to and fro Manila on the same date may be rebooked within 30 days. They didn’t want to rebook us. I had to make kulit. They put us on a very bad flight to return 2 days after our original return and did not give us other options. It took 5 calls, all at least an hour each, most was hold time and still nothing. So at about almost 11pm on Saturday, we just booked another flight from Kalibo to Manila to return on Monday. Mark my words, there is a special place in hell for Cebu Pacific Customer (Dont) Care Specialists. 

After we accepted the fact that CebuPakshet sucks and eliminated it from our trip, tuloy ang ligaya!

So, there ARE a lot of tourists in Boracay. But I guess because the beach is so nice, everyone is nice. And we didn’t encounter mainlanders (sorry I’m not racist but it’s a fact they don’t behave well). And no makulit activity barkers. Woot woot!

We stayed at The District. They are 100% responsible for the great birthday week(end) we had. That cake above was from them. 

We just chilled in the room when the sun was high up and chilled by the beach when the sun was shining bearably. Niiiiice! 🌤

I forgot when but we also walked to Jonah’s Fruit Shakes. Oddly, they didn’t have much fruits when other bars and restos had a great supply. So sorry Jonah, you’re just a Hill to me haha get it?


We went parasailing before Typhoon Karen came. It was awesome. I didn’t get sick from it but I got a tadbit sick waiting on the raft and on our speedboat.

Parasailing was awesome. It would have been better if it was less cloudy, then we would have seen the sunset up in the air!

We also went to D’ Talipapa for paluto dinner. We also tried Dos Mestizos, GT Tavern and Titos. We got calamansi muffins from Real Coffee too. True Food was awesome too. Such a chill place!

We also had a massage in The District’s The Upperhouse Spa. It’s one of the most relaxing one I’ve ever had.

Despite the weather, Boracay is amazing. It may be overrated but it depends on how you look at things.  But really, The District was awesome. It’s probably why I’ll come back!



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