What Can A Dead Car Batt Do?

Ruin a whole day of course!

I remember the last time that happened. W and I were leaving, heading to my office but the pick up won’t start. The last person who used the car was my FIL. They tried to push, even Jessica, our then helper pushed! She had to get hilot that night kasi sumakit daw katawan nya haha 💪🏼

It was impossible for me to get a cab that time and Uber wasn’t around yet. So I had to wait for a new battery from the talyer. I went to work half day.

Today, we had so much planned. Fine, morning lang but I haven’t had such a busy sked in a while.

So we got inside the car and heard “click” instead of the normal sound of an engine starting. Yikes.

We just got an Uber … Hassle pa there was surge! As much as we wanted to take the jeepney, I had very important documents with me so it was a no.

We got to our destination at about 930. We finished at 1030. The talyer driver fetched us and they had the battery with them. I went upstairs to leave some important docs while they changed the car batt. When I went back, there was a minor issue that W had to bring the car to the talyer. So we passed up on appointment no. 2. It was past 11 already.

At least I wasn’t keen on doing appointment no. 3. So we didn’t have to do lunch in that area.

W got back from the talyer with lunch past 1230. Oh dear. So we just ate, and watched the news.

I did my meeting with Arch just a few minutes ago and it went well. But I can just imagine, it might have been a blessing in disguise to have a dead car batt. Otherwise, I might be too tired to do anything after all these meetings.

I have a full weekend too. My goodness! Lord, please give me strength for the next few days. And thanks for the family time lined up.


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