One Day in Stuttgart

My husband and I just came from the Porsche Museum. We hopped on the S Bahn and were heading back to Milaneo to shop. We saw 3 young boys, they were probably aged 8 or 9 years old. But they didn’t seem older than 10. They just came from school, they were in warm clothes and had their back packs on. It seemed that one of them was getting off soon, he shook the hands of the 2 other boys and alighted the next stop. The remaining 2 boys alighted the Milaneo S Bahn stop like us.

I’ve used the local MRT 2 and LRT 3 several times and I have not seen kids that young aboard on their own. I thought of my nephews and nieces. How did they go to school? How did I go to school? I was always driven by a driver or my dad or brother. Same with my nephews/nieces, driven by driver or their dads.

When we got back to my uncle’s flat, I told him that we saw kids on their own in the S Bahn. He said Stuttgart was a safe place. I said, aren’t they scared of kidnappings, since those kids might not be able to defend themselves if they were abducted. He said it hasn’t happened as far as he’s lived in Stuttgart, which was way before I was born (even before the wall was brought down). He said the really rich families have private and boarding schools where security is not an issue.

There was a big envious space in my heart. I wish it was the same back home. Make it safe. I want to go out of my house without fear.


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