Catching Up

I’ve been busy even if I needed to be on bed rest last week. My goodness. I think the only difference from a normal week is that I can’t go out of the condo, and I stayed in bed or the couch most of the time. But here are a few things that went down last week.

Home Loan shizz

I got an email from our condo developer that we owe them Almost Php 50,000 as our home loan was not 100% approved. In fairness to the developer, they’re now easier to contact and well documented. It’s our bank’s home loan department that’s annoying. This home loan is for our parking space, which we acquired much later than our units. So I looked back at our email trails, evidently, I had the correct amount from the beginning (like April pa ha, they only processed it August!). Come approval, it looks like one person in their department made a mistake with 1 measly digit! We (me, W and our acct/bank manager) all overlooked it. W got so mad.  We can include the 50k to our loan but they will charge us again all the fees. He was sooo red. Cmon. It’s 50k. We know how to handle our finances but what really ticked us off is the home loan account officer. Let’s use the name Maya Bubwito for her. 

  1. She is so damn hard to contact. Phone. Text. Email. So effin pa-artista!
  2. She doesn’t answer questions directly. She’s like a stupid PUV driver who does something stupid, then stops because you know his bull shit then looks away to the other direction para hindi mamura!
  3. She referred to our developer for our loan. So W asked who is the client, the developer or the unit owner? We applied for the whole amount, but she asked the developer for the amount, less fees etc. why would you do that?
  4. She never apologized for any mistake or delay! Imagine I’ve been handling this since April, August lang natapos! Geez. Tapos hindi pa pala tapos for August coz she left a few strings hanging!
  5. She claims to never have seen our Contract to Sell, Which is plain BS because that’s one of the prerequisites for a home loan, right? 

Until now, W hasn’t reviewed the whole new payment scheme plus additional payments. Our bank manager called apologizing. He was making amends, buti pa sya. W said naman to an email to Maya Bubwito na he is at fault partly for trusting her. Because we’ve had several transactions with the bank manager and lahat naman tama, he does as we expect. This Bubwito didn’t. So hopefully W has time na to review so we can either pay na the 50k or do the new computation na. More than 10 years of banking with the same branch, this is the first time W encountered someone so self righteous. I get that maybe she really can’t admit that she made a mistake, that’s bad for business, but she isn’t doing anything to help us. Not even a tiny gesture that would show remorse. Grrr diba!

Identity Kwento

Remember how I’m fixing JV’s government papers? We finally got his Birth Certificate and he has his birthday wrong! He’s apparently 5 years younger than he knows! Geez. Not only the wrong year ha, wrong month and day too. He said his mom submitted his Birth Certificate to the city hall before with corrections, but the it wasn’t honored since it was just erased by ballpen and no court order or notary public etc. ay nako naman. I didn’t lecture him that what his mom did isn’t the correct process.

So now I know 2 people who were told differently about their identities. 

I used to work with C. I know that her parents aren’t together but I didn’t know that she never met her mom. Her dad is in another country. So one of the holidays the dad came home and they talked. She asked about her mom named xxx and the dad was like, “Where’d you get that name?” Apparently the dad just made up that name when he applied for her Birth Certificate. No such person exists! Oh my goodness. How effed up is that? Imagine your whole life you know and believe xxx is your mother only to be told 25 years later it’s a made up name and no such person exists! I’m not sure how her relationship with her dad is now after all this.

That’s not even half of my bed rest week. Sorry but I’ll keep the other events private for the meantime or forever haha

But look, I have a new game haha Qbert!



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