Remembering My Grand Parents

Today I made pancakes for breakfast. I forgot that we didn’t have maple or chocolate syrup (shucks come to think of it now, we have Nutella!) so I put sugar and almond milk on my pancakes! I loved it more than I imagined!

When I was younger, my angkong and ama fed me a lot. Being neighbors in our compound and me the pickiest kid eater and thinnest grand kid they have, they loooved to feed me every time I went to their house, or even when they see me outside our house, they call me! They’re the ones who taught me how to eat  pancakes with sugar and evaporated milk. It’s so yummy! When I’m not in the mood to eat, they bribe me to drink milk. They make it so special, they add coffee because I can’t have coffee right? They call it “gatas na may kape” hehe in today’s menu, that would be mocha! Some times they would also have the helpers buy pianono or other breads from the bakery in front of our compound. God, I miss them both. I love snacking with them. 

My angkong was first to leave. He died in his sleep summer before my senior year. So my senior grad pic looked so awful! Before he passed, I remember he wrote me a note and slipped it inside a Reader’s Digest. It was about psychology and he wrote that I should read it because he knew I was going to take up psychology in college. I really really miss him. He’s the machoest man I know, next is my dad. He used to be a policeman in Binondo but he earned his name too in Pasig. Everyone knew and feared him. I can talk about him all day. I love and admired  him so much. Too bad my wallet was stolen before, and there I had a photo of him and me in Tong Yang!

My ama passed a few years after I started working. She had complications from diabetes and eventually caught pneumonia in here hospital visits. She had a business, where my dad learned how to drive and helped out when he was younger. It was a dress making business. They sold dresses every where. Baclaran, Divi, etc. she had orders from those big markets. I would play in the tahian after school. She also taught me how to use a makina. I loved it but didn’t really have the passion to make anything. My ama was so fierce! You won’t win a word war with her! No censorship and all. She was a Vilmanian hehe

It’s so timely that I remembered them now because tomorrow is Grand Parents’ Day. As much as I want to visit, I can’t because it’s bad juju for me now.

I miss you lolo and lola. I’m happy I still remember those things and much more! I miss those memories and I’ll think about them more often now.

Thank you to all our grandparents. Those who spoiled us! Those who made sure we had fun when our parents were KJ. Those who tickled us a lot because our laugh was music to their ears! Those who loved us and made sure we feel loved even if they’re gone.


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