Philanthropist Wannabe


I am on official bed rest from yesterday until further notice. It’s so boring!

Actually, not really. I suddenly have a ton of things to do, not for myself but for work (hah what work). Seriously, I’ve always wanted to do government work. I saw how my relatives in service are well appreciated and loved by the public and their constituents. Even if they don’t have much (more often than not abonado pa), they’re so happy and they get to help a lot of people.

They’re also how we knew first hand that media just screws up a lot even if all you’re trying to do is help the public. Pfft. Anyway.

W always knew I wanted to work for non-profits and NGOs but he discouraged me since we don’t ask support from our parents, and we need to be realistic that I won’t earn at all in non-profits (unless funded by WB or ADB, etc). I tried working for a local NGO, I lasted a month! Only because the leader didn’t like me (because training me would cost half a million daw and then I wont stay long?!) and her team didn’t really know much about development communication. Whereas, I was a masteral student then of development communication. I was the last person brought in to the team, and they wouldn’t honor my ideas (sad). A few years passed, and I learned that our boss was terminally ill. She died not a month within reading the email sent to us, written by her son.

So I told W that when his business has taken off, I want to be his philanthropy partner. Business is ok, still small sized but doing fairly good. Unfortunately, as early as now, we need to help one employee who is at the brink of losing his sight. Don’t get me wrong. We’re generous especially during Christmas season with bonuses, give aways and gifts, when an employee is sick, and all. This is the first and hopefully the last that we’ll have an employee with such bad condition. Please pray for us that his operation will be successful.


We’ve  done check ups for JV regarding his eyes. Several doctors have seen him and whoah, it will take a lot for him to get better. He keeps insisting forget it, he has one more eye, but I’m like, “Hindi pwedeng ganyan. Swerte tayo maraming gustong tumulong sa tin. Hindi lahat ng tao binibigyan ng ganyang pagkakataon.” I guess I knocked some sense into him so he returned to me today with his Birth Certificate request from SM Business Center and his SSS number verification because he doesn’t know it and he knows he has two!

We’ll wait for his Birth Certificate next week then resume the papers for his SSS and Philhealth. 


I’m really pushing that we get his Philhealth rolling because remember when my shoti had an appendectomy a few months back? He used his Philhealth which had about 4 years contributions or so, and his bill was greatly discounted. Depends on the hospital also but we kept everything at minimum for him then as he wished. So from about Php 55k, his bill was about Php 25k+ thanks to Philhealth.

Also, I wanna share my positive experience with SSS. Since JV doesn’t know his number, I called the Cubao Office and inquired. Less than 3 rings someone picked up, and my inquiry was answered straight, concise and respectfully. I hope all government offices are like that. 

So good luck to us with all the paper work so we can finally get JV’s eye operated on.


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