That Boy – Jillian Dodd, My Current Ebook​


I’ve been reading this free ebook for 2 days now, and I’m so hooked! It’s so easy to read. It’s so funny and I can totally relate to how the writing and the story progressed. I think anyone alive can! It’s just a bit annoying that I can’t finish yet, errands and all.

I was telling W about this book and he finds me so funny when I make him kwento. The other night when I couldn’t put my phone down (I’ll explain later…), he said maybe I should read it out loud so he’d understand why I’m so hooked. So I did, We didn’t realize the chapter was long and action packed. He laughed a lot and could also relate (the chapter was about some party). My goodness. This book is awesome!

I’m kinda sad that I feel like I’ll finish the book today. But it’s ok since this is the first book of three. But the next books are not free. Wow. It rhymes!

Anyway, it’s weird because this ebook is free on Google Play. I read on my phone (android) and ipad. But my ipad says I only have a free sample. So when I finished the sample pages, I could only read on my phone. But that’s ok. At least I’ll get to finish this ebook soon!


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