Minestrone and Me

I met up with my college buddies a few weeks back. Yep, I’m the only girl. I’ve always been one of the boys, hmm ever since highschool. I grew up with 3 brothers so I’m quite clueless how to be with girls hehe weird huh? So come college, I identified with the boys too. We had 11 boys in class out of 42 students. My bff is my seatmate J, since our last names were both G. We had a night out at Agave when they had an awesome yet cheap debauchery of mojitos. Ang daya. Definitely no alcohol for me since, well, we all know why.

I haven’t seen most of them in years. They graduated 2004, I left 2002 and went to a different college, JO followed a year after. Among everyone (more than half) in the class who said they’ll go to med school, only 3 pushed through and are now doctors. Lucky one of them is in this picture.

So back to that night. Rain was on and off, perfect time for soup! I ordered albondigas, calamari and warm water! The boys were laughing at me because my order was pang lola daw. 

After that, I’ve been having that craving for minestrone. I tried to make my own, with simple ingredients. I don’t have photos but I put in some meat balls on it. W approved! Unfortunately, I don’t have the exact recipe but mostly I had diced Taiwan sweet potatoes (the yellow ones), onions, garlic, vegan butter and tomato paste in it.

Whenever I crave soup, minestrone still comes into my mind, same with ramen and La Paz batchoy. I love batchoy but not the liver hehe

I wonder what food fixation I’ll have next.


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