Chinese Herbal Meds

I dreaded the day!

W and I were talking thay maybe I should already ask Sr. Regina if I need herbal meds with my treatment.

Before my session, Sr. Regina and I got to talking and she seemed disappointed that I’m not yet pregnant. I’ve been under her care for almost 3 months now, but acupuncture has been doing me well. She asked what I’m taking, just Restor F and Folart daily… Then she asked if I was willing to try herbal medicine. I said YES immediately.

After my session, I was asked for Php 2,840, almost twice my usual and then they gave my a bag. It’s my herbal meds!


Chinese herbal medicine

It was waiting for me on the counter! It had my name on it!

Chinese Herbal Medicine

Dissolve in hot water! Take an hour after breakfast and lunch!

Thoughts before trying it:

  1. At least I don’t have to cook it! Just dissolve in hot water!
  2. It’s just 1 cup or less as long as I chug it down!
  3. If I can drink shots of tequila or whatever gross alcohol for fun, I should be able to do this if it will help me conceive.
  4. Bawal maarte especially is this might save me Php 400,000 for IVF

I tried it after dinner. It actually smells like oats. And a little wood. But it’s not so bad. I drank it. It was a bit grainy but it wasn’t as gross as I expected. 

I’m not really sure what’s in the mix but I saw them packing these once. It’s herbs and spices. W tried to read the package and he says it’s just the directions. I think that’s ginseng on it.

Here’s to trying!

St. Francis, St. Pio, St. Clare, Mamay Mary, please help me! I’ll do whatever it takes.


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