29 Hours In Amsterdam 

I realized I haven’t written much about my winter trip earlier this year, except for our Icelandic adventures and shopping in Metzingen (Kim Henares at yung pumalit sa inyo sa BIR nagbabayad po ako ng buwis, peace!) 

So after Stuttgart, we flew to Amsterdam at lunch. We were delayed by an hour, as the winds in Amsterdam were quite strong according to the airlines. We took German Wings. There was an earlier KLM flight, but we weren’t able to book it earlier, so from USD 100 or so, it became USD 450!! Oh dear! So later flight with German Wings. 

And yeah, they weren’t kidding about the winds. Our flight was turbulent. It was scary. It was my first non Filipino flight that everyone clapped when we landed. And when we got out of the plane, whoooah it was cold and windy!

Schipol is huge. We went over to the counter and bought our Amsterdam 2 Day Pass for the trams and train. The lovely lady who sold it to us was kind enough to tell us how to use it, and how to pronounce the district we were going to stay in, De Pijp – pronounced De Pipe!


2 Day Pass Amsterdam

This is very cost efficient! This plus Google Maps, you’re gonna love how efficient the public transport is in Amsterdam!

We got a lovely Airbnb room in De Pijp. De Pijp is Amsterdam’s art district. We weren’t able to go around much in the district but from what we saw, it’s very lovely. Our pad was on the 3rd level of a building. We don’t have photos of the narrow stairs but our pad was very lovely. Here’s our view:


De Pijp

De Pijp, I love and miss this!

Do you notice the beams on top of the highest windows? My husband told me that they use it for pulley to move furnitures through windows! And lucky us, we saw some people using it on the other street. Too bad we weren’t able to take a photo. Can’t not be attentive in the streets, remember this is Amsterdam, they bike a lot here!

We arrived at around 4 or 5pm at our pad. Our host Iris was very nice. She was wondering if we were lost or what but she figured it was the weather. She gave us a map and showed us places of interests, where to eat and what the Dutch do around Amsterdam. We rested for a while. Freshened up. Then we took the tram to the Dam Square. We got our Van Gogh Museum tickets from the Hop On Hop Off Tour Office. The guy who attended to us was nice. Then we went around on foot. It was cold and very windy but it was very lovely. 

We wandered off to the side streets and found an Argentinean steak house for dinner. Dinner was awesome. We set off to a few more side streets and saw some hash shops. Unfortunately, none of our hash shop photos were saved! W’s phone wasn’t cooperating then. We walked some more and saw the Central Station lit up. It was marvelous. A few more side streets across, we reached the Red Light District. So many tourists and so many pubs. It was quite an experience! 

We walked back and took the tram to De Pijp. We were pooped and I was too cold! Biogesic was running low on stocks.


Van Gogh Museum

Outside Van Gogh Museum, still gloomy and a bit drizzly. But it wasn’t as windy, thank goodness!

The next day was nice. We walked the other way around to a different tram stop, hopped and went to The Van Gogh Museum. Our ticket entrance was 9am. The crowd was still controllable but come 11am there were a lot of tourists. There were also a few groups with kids. Their tour guide was in costume and if only we could understand Dutch, I’m sure we’d have fun too, because all the kids were laughing and they really paid close attention.

What I hate about museums is that they’re always usually better than you expect and you stay longer than you planned. But that wasn’t such a down side. We had lunch at the museum cafe and set on for our HOHO tour.

What’s a tad difficult in the Amsterdam HOHO Tour is that the bus stops didn’t have any signs on them. We also saw a few tourists chasing after the bus because it isn’t clear where in that area the stop is. We didn’t get on and off any stops, but we just went to Dam Square again in the afternoon and walked around. Found a nice coffee shop and went people watching. Walked around and took more photos and videos, got some pasalubongs and we were off back to De Pijp. Iris was kind enough to let us keep our luggage for a few hours after check out since she didn’t have a booking after ours. We were about to leave when she arrived so we were able to chat a bit. I guess we hit the jackpot in our Aribnb for Amsterdam, awesome place, awesome host!

We took the tram and train back to Schipol and grabbed a snack. I think we arrived at 7pm and our flight was at 9pm. We were London Luton bound. We were just gonna spend the night there and off to another early flight which was heading to Keflavik, Iceland.

Amsterdam was amazing. I wanna go back and just walk around enjoying the sights and people.


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