Everyone Has A Price

That’s the sad reality. Everyone has a price. Dignity? How much?

(Bad hormone day, sorry)

This week alone, I have at least 3 kwentos of people and establishments that are easily compromised by money. No respect to profession, dignity or whatever they wanna hold on to. Hmph!

I’ll just make kwento the one where I can least get trouble haha so I make it a point to write reviews on Trip Advisor just to hone whatever writing skills I have in me. A few weeks back, when I thought I needed a staycation, W booked us a nice room (in the photos) at Privato in Shaw Blvd. my goodness, it was the worse. I just didn’t speak up much since W was the one who set the whole staycation up. 

The building itself was awful. No soundproofing. No sleep. Our room was dirty, the toilet seat even had piss stains on them. Shower is not enclosed, you’ll definitely make a mess. And so on. I wrote these in detail, uploaded photos and it won’t be published. In short, not approved. I rewrote it, nicer but still discouraging, and still not approved. I contacted Trip Advisor and told them that there’s no way Privato is a 3 star hotel from what I’ve seen. Their response is that their sister company just passed on the hotel class to them, they’re not in charge of it. I’m just baffled how my review is always rejected for approval when it’s decent. I even checked the 5 star ratings, they all look like they were written by persona accounts – as in no legit photo of the supposed person and only one review from that account, and mostly answering and disproving the 1 star ratings. Terrible. Trip Advisor is mainly the reason W booked here. The room photos are also different from the actual. Had we know this building sucks, we would have gone to our go to hotel in Pasig, Discovery Suites. 


Gross Privato Hotel

Privato Hotel

It’s a shame this place is operated by Enderun.



I feel bad for these other people. At least their review was approved and published.


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