Be Child-like As Much As You Can

Image from: thank you for an awesome photo!

Today’s homily really made a mark in my heart.

What is the difference between a child’s heart and an adult’s heart? The priest said, a child’s heart is pure and innocent. Whatever a child feels, happiness, anger, frustration, curiousity, etc, he will go back to his parents to share with them what happened or what he learned or wants to know. An adult’s heart on the other hand is full of cholesterol! Those being hatred, jealousy, hard feelings, tampo, etc. 

Christ wants us to be child-like. Go back to our Father with whatever we need in life, with whatever happiness we feel, whatever sorrow we are carrying, he wants us to come back to God. 

Forgive. Ask for forgiveness. Inspire. Share. Help. Love. 


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