Wifely Duties

Once in a while my FIL asks me to watch over the house when the helper comes to clean. Ever since we moved out and ever since it’s summer in the other hemisphere, the house has been empty and only my FIL sleeps here.

I get kinda annoyed when people think I don’t do anything everyday just because I’m not working full time and don’t have kids yet. Just last week, 3 people told me, “Buti you don’t get bored sa condo!” Ugh. I don’t have to tell everyone what I do and what I attend to. But I will, today, because I’m in the mood to write.

First and foremost, who do you think keeps our home clean and lovely? Me! I don’t need a helper because it’s a tiny space.

Second, do you think the laundry does itself? If it does, that would be super! Ok ok, I just sort, list, check and keep it when I send it to the cleaners and when I get it back.

Third, my husband gets all the praises for his great business ethics. Of course he can’t do it all on his own, right? He needs someone he can trust. And that’s me! I pick up his business phone and do his banks errands. Good help is so hard to find. He got an assistant before, a licensed engineer. He lasted about 9 months, because W found out theough the workers that this guy doesn’t supervise them much and focuses on bidding at other nearby projects especially when their current projects are in the mall. We had to let him go on Christmas!

Fourth, with our better than normal physique, do we look like we get food delivered or eat junk food on a daily basis? I cook healthy meals! Cooking is so hard, from menu planning to washing the dishes! 

Fifth, I go to the gym at least thrice a week. 

Sixth, since we are TTC (trying to conceive), I have all sorts of check ups aside from regular treatment every week!

Anyway, that’s all about I wanna share but trust me, I do so much more. If you need anything, you only need to be nice to me so hindi kayo mahihiya to ask for a favor.

So please don’t judge me and try make me feel bad that I’m not doing anything and that good thing I don’t get bored at home JUST BECAUSE I’M NOT YET A MOTHER. This might be my hormones acting up pero sh!t guys, seriously, I know I’m happier than you are so don’t try to make me feel bad.

Oh yeah, I woke up this morning and I realized I dreamt of steak. Hehe


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