Priceless Moment

We were on a staycation last weekend. I have a short nice story to tell. It’s not that I’m nagbubuhat ng bangko or what. I just want to see these kinds of things more often. Our world needs more kindess and respect for one another.

So because the tiny hotel we stayed in had a limited room service menu, we went to Estancia Mall for dinner. Roamed around, checked out sale stuff, etc. Before heading back to the hotel, W said he wanted a hot drink to go. We stopped by Craft. He ordered and I sat on a two seater table. Infront of me, there was a 4 seater, beside me, another 4 seater, and a hop and skip away, there were 3 free seats on the counter and 2 more for to go orders. Then came 8 titos and titas. Probably around the age of my folks. They were scouting for seats. W just sat infront of me, so I asked him if it was ok to offer our table so the titos and titas can sit. Of course the answer is yes. Had he been the one facing them he would have asked me too. He then stood up and waved at one titos to take our table. I stood up, and they were all smiles and asked if it was ok. We said it was totally fine as we just got coffee to go. They moved towards the tables as W connected the them. They were really all smiles, and I kid you not, each one of them thanked us. As I sat on the empty chair, another couple our age stood up and offered their 4 seater as they were done. They even joked that they haven’t paid and maybe the titos can take care of their bill. We were all laughing and smiling, thanking each other and welcoming each other. Was that a perfect night cap or what?

One act of kindess, one act of respect, one act of sensitivity. It really went a long way and radiated to others to do the same. I can’t count how many thank yous and genuine smiles we were able to get in those 5 minutes. It all just took a very small act of sharing and the return was a very good feeling that I can’t even describe but I want to feel that more often or everytime. 

That moment was very pricless for me.

I recall my husband told me before, that his Angkong (grandfather fathers side) always told him to always have manners and respect the elderly and women, because he may not be able to give him all the money in the world when he’s gone but he’s sure he has taught his grandson the things that matter most in life. I miss you Angkong. I know you’re very proud of W.


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