Grocery Shopping

I can’t believe how many times we went to the grocery store last week. Ok, not really because I had a few things delivered. Haha

So our pantry and fridge was quite pathetic already. Last Monday, I ordered deli stuff from Edgy Veggy. They offer next day delivery. So I got my goods on Tuesday. Here’s my loot:

Edgy Veggy

Edgy Veggy deli stash

  • Falafel
  • Mushroom burger
  • Energy Date balls
  • Choco pistaschio balls

I loooove them all. But the choco pistaschio was first to perish. I think their store/resto is under renovation but I really wanna drop by soon to restock.

Since W has several projects near malls, he often asks me if I still have non-dairy milk. He’d get my rice or almond milk from Healthy Options.

Last Tuesday too, we chanced upon a Korean grocery. I just wanted to look around but nostalgia kinda kicked in. We miss our Korean friends and Korean food! So here’s what we got:

Korean grocery stash

Korean grocery stash ala WP

  • Pajeon mix (Korean seafood pancake)
  • Korean donuts
  • Hotte-ok, remember Pattie-ok!
  • Noodles

And then I wandered off Rustans after my treatment and saw they have fresh stocks of Silk Almond Milk! And there were several organic items on sale. Expiration is near so I bought a box of muffins, which I will make later.


Organic Oatmeal Muffins

Organic Oatmeal Muffins

And then yesterday, after the Gun Show, we bought chicken, seafood and pork in SM. Oh well. Too much grocery trips. But I enjoy it. W and I used to do groceries even before we got married. I learned checking and comparing prices from him. Expiration dates and ingredients too. I really have to pay attention to ingredients now since I can’t have dairy.


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