You Give Blog A Bad Name!

I just read about an Uber nightmare ride just now.

So apparently, there’s this driver who was unprofessional to begin with. It even came to a point that he assaulted his passenger. If this happened to you, what would you do?

  1. File a complaint to Uber, report to the auhorities
  2. File a complaint to Uber, blog about it and share it on social media

I’d go for the first option. Because what will I get from social media shares? Hits, shares, likes, and for the more serious audience, awareness. But come on, you were assualted. You’re really gonna wait on Uber’s feedback? Uber responds quickly naman. And seriously,  P**%>* naman, Uber is covered by LTRFB na nga. Report and let the agency do its thing. 

Yes I blog but not for hits, shares and stuff. I made it clear that I blog for myself and who ever is interested. But these idiots are just idiots! You don’t need the whole name of the driver to file a complaint! Bus drivers nga nahuhuli without names, etc, Uber driver pa kaya. Too much cyberspace in people’s heads. Ugh.

Sorry for the rant. That’s why it’s called SSDD. Same shit, different day. Idiots all over. 

So stupid person who immediately bad mouthed Uber, umayos ka and good luck commuting in your dirty and unsafe and less reliable cabs. 🖕🏼


I’ve had an Uber driver from hell once. From the start of the ride, he didn’t follow any of my instructions. He took us around BGC before getting out. That alone I thought I will report this in my ride feedback. Strike 2 was telling me to do double booking, as in when I dropped off my friends, he ended the ride and I needed to book again before he took me home. So that was 2 booking fees already. Really gonna report this, I thought. Last straw, he was scolding me for the traffic on my way home! I was so pissed so I wrote Uber an email of what happened. They reviewed my trip on gps and saw it did take a while before we got out of BGC, compared to the previous rides I’ve taken. The double booking and the attitude of the driver. Uber apologized and refunded me based on the average of my previous rides (it’s all the same route). I said I was worried because the driver knew where I live. Uber said all reports are anonymous so I shouldn’t worry. Thank God I wasn’t assualted or what. Otherwise, I would have filed a police report. Right? Sheesh.


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