Agico Dinner and a Few More Vegan Stuff, PS: I’m not Vegan. YET.

I haven’t been eating well ever since my food restrictions. From super dairy lover to no more dairy — I cannot! But no, sorry, I can actually haha drama aside, I’ve tried vegan food several times, and to those who haven’t had vegan recently, the game has changed since our moms’, yayas’ and lolas’ cooking. So many vegan dishes don’t taste vegan anymore, they taste super delicious like they’re not vegan!

My go to vegan food before was My high school batchmate Alessa’s Pipino Vegetarian. It’s just a little too far and too much traffic, and delivery from Two Anyone is too expensive. When I was working in BGC, I frequently got Juicesabel lunch delivery. Good prices, awesome vegan dishes but oh my goodness, they’re super slow motion all the time! Even if I walked to their store and ordered take out, packing my lunch was just!

Last night was drizzly. But I’ve been eyeing Agico Vegetarian Cafe in 8 Missouri for the longest time. We often passed by their Araullo branch when I was working. But we were worried about parking so we decided to go to 8 Missouri instead.

We ordered Tokoyaki for starters, but it was 15 mins cook time so it came in last (which was not an issue at all). I had the Pinoy Best Burger, W had Wakame Burger because he said we’ve been having  too much ramen and noodles recently. And he was telling me that he’s scared because he might be hungry already by the time we walk to the car coz we’re eating vegan. Haha wrong mistake!! We already walked around the mall and saw some friends, chit chatted and we were still full! Until I got home, I was still full. So full, the 2 vegan cupcakes I got to go for dessert had to wait til the next morning! I got the apple walnut and chocolate chip cupcakes. Oh noms.


Agico Tokoyaki

Agico Tokoyaki

Agico Pinoy Best Burger, Samurai Wakame Burger

Agico Pinoy Best Burger, Samurai Wakame Burger

I wish Agico would use Food Panda soon. Two Anyone’s just too chaotic to use.

Tomorrow, I’m planning to order deli stuff from Edgy Veggy. Man, food hasn’t been this good and guilt free. Thank you innovative vegans of Manila!

Ah, forgot to mention I got mad vegan kitchen essentials last week from Healthy Options! Cream cheese and soy free vegan butter!


Healthier Options

My healthier options from Healthy Options

Let’s all eat right! Start the week right!


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