Validity in Life

We all have our eccentricities. Growing up, I learned that having my own weirdness isn’t bad or abnormal, but it’s part of my identity. Especially if it doesn’t hurt anyone, don’t hide it. And don’t make anyone feel bad about their weirdness. That’s just not fair.

Last week, everyone was talking about Angie’s coming out. It’s sad that she had to hide her true self because she was afraid what others would say. I wont lie that there have been times that I wasn’t worried about what other people would say. But then again, I thought about the validity of those people in my life. None. So what? Move on!

There’s this guy that my husband’s friends hang out with. He’s just really annoying. Not to mention, the poison of the group. We don’t even know where this guy went to school, who his old or other friends are, we just don’t know anything about him. He has the foulest mouth and the worst demaning gossips about us and his other friends. We just invite him out of courtesy to our other friends. But really, his just some weed trying to blend in. Until one time we’ve all had enough of his gossips about us. It was bastos already. I confronted him, but of course the dude was a coward and denied everything. We thought it would stop there but he approached another friend and said nasty things about me and my husband. Too bad for him, this person has also had enough of his crap. They don’t talk now. Friendship over. I thought about this person’s validity in my life. Zero. So no more invite next time. Manigas ka, you effin outsider. 

I recall another “friend”. I screen shot was sent to me, telling our other friend that I was a loser for not announcing my engagement and wedding on social media. Speculating that we didn’t have any money so we weren’t announcing and inviting people. The truth: I REALLY WANTED A SMALL WEDDING! But that was impossible because my husbands immediate family alone is already huge! Our first guest count was 150, 100 for him, 50 for me. Who were we kidding. It became 250, 150 for him, 100 for me. We weren’t able to invite college classmates and our parents’ friends. So where does this bitch sit in? Never even thought of her the whole time we were planning our wedding. Zero validity. 

I just realized now that both persons have really bad issues. The chismoso’s issue is that her gf is no longer with him because her family cannot accept him, he’s not Chinese. And this girl, her own mom unfriended her on social media because she doesn’t like who she was marrying! Why? Because the guy is in debt, both parents terminally ill, wont sell properties to sustain their expenses, so she’s paying off his bills. At least that’s what most of her friends said why they don’t like the guy too.

But why drag me down in their situation? They can call me if they need someone to talk to but why drag me down with that situation. Ugh. These invalid people.

So anyway, lesson learned. If it doesn’t hurt anyone, think about others’ validity. If it’s zero, go for it haha


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