I have been busy! And I left my ipad charger at my Mom’s and she keeps forgetting to bring it for over a week now so yeah. No ipad, no WordPress!

Hmm what have I been up to?

1) Acupuncture 

I have been seeing Sister Regina Liu for infertility acupuncture. She’s quite popular and she has quite a following due to her success rate. Although I know now what’s wrong with me, I’m just being a good daughter in law, obeying what my new family thinks might help me. So yes, Tradition Chinese Medicine for me! Acupuncture’s been helping me a lot. Less stress, as in I sleep very well now. Less waking up in the middle of the night with light noises. And when I had my period, I wasn’t constipated, and it hurt much less. So I’m hopeful. I pray, I hope and I don’t worry as in St. Pio’s words!

Sister Regina has quite a list for me to avoid when it comes to food and bevs. This is the tough part but I think I’m doing well!

  • No dairy! Dairy! Me! No dairy!!! Why!!!
  • No cold drink or food
  • No fresh and raw veg. Must be steamed.
  • No coffee or any caffeinated bevs
  • Less sweets. Noooo. I’m not me.
  • No sushi. No raw anything. Goodbye uni. Goodbye.

So I’ve lost weight. From 104lbs I am down to 98 lbs again from my lst check up 2 days ago. Sad. I’ve been seeing results from my workouts and it’s sad it’s getting tougher and tougher to gain weight. But I’ll live.

2) Balikbayans!

So my bff was here for a while and we shared and airbnb with her family for a weekend. Always fun having your best friends over. She has the most adorable kids. We went to Mind Museum and around BGC. It was awesome that the neighborhood we got had everything in walking distance. Salon, bank, atm, Starbucks, restos, grocery, shopping stores, etc! 

I ordered Amber’s spaghetti, chicken, lumpia, bbq and of course pichi pichi. Too bad they were out of chicken lollipops. That would have a been an awesome hit too. I’m happy she liked the pichi, enough to recommend it to her mom and her mom ordered some too.

I’ve known her since high school and we’ve kept in touch through the evolution of communication despite the different continents and time zones. We’ve grown but not apart. Sometimes I think we’ve grown better than those that are here in Manila and those I see more often. Some things just don’t change noh? But I think she’ll say I’ve changed. As In, I’m bingi na haha

3) Appendectomy 

My bro had an appendectomy. He’s the person who doesn’t really like seeing doctors or going to hospitals. So I felt really bad when my Mom texted me that he was brought to the ER because he has severe abdominal pain. He was later discharged but he was brought back to the hospital the next day. He was operated on last Sunday. He was discharged Tuesday afternoon. I spent as much time as I can with him. I wanted to make him laugh coz I know he’s scared but duh laughing would hurt him much more. After his surgery, he was still groggy all day. I just slept on his feet until he woke up and got so bored. We watched tv and he tried to get up and walk. He’s such a fighter. My baby bro is no longer a baby. He did very well. And of course his surgeon was Ninong Rollie so he wasn’t scared as much.

4) Hash Browns!

I made hash browns from scratch yesterday. I had an awesome breakfast for lunch plate but W was so hungry he didn’t take one minute to see the aesthetics! Not to mention the huge egg! It was the biggest egg I’ve ever seen. Anyway, here are a few cooking photos:

So yes, I have been busy! But not busy enough to appreciate everything and everyone given to me. Homily yesterday hehe


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