My Non-Dairy French Toast

Because yesterday was a fail! No loaf bread haha but that was my 1st order of business yesterday after gym: BUY LOAF BREAD!

1 large egg (so apparently, my auntie gave me double yolks heehee)

1/4 cup almond milk, I used Silk today, I’m out of Pacific

Dash of cinnamon

3 tsp raw sugar

4 slices of loaf bread

I beat the eggs, added the almond milk, then the cinnamon, then the sugar. I’ve heated my pan a lil earlier since I have an electric stove ugh… Anyway, i dipped one slice of bread and turned it over, just enough for the mixture to seep through. Fried it up to crispy sides, et voila!

No photo because I ate it all up. Well no, saved 2 slices for W.

I had a great workout yesterday, 10 min cardio, triceps and back. Cool down abs. Then I did the hot jacuzzi for 15 minutes. Awesome. I’m preparing for something today. I just know it’s gonna be a good day! Woot woot!!
PS: dont worry, 3 tsps raw sugar isn’t sweet at all for this recipe 😉


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