Gossips and Chismosas

I’ve been our of the corporate scene for over a year now. Basically, I’m just managing my small home, and ocassionally I scold my dad or brothers because my mom asks me to (my mom’s a genius, delegation of task!) I do chores, I take care of responsibilities and I take my time. I can’t be stressed.

A lot of people think I’m just a bum at home, but I’m really not. I try to help out with business and I help out my folks when they need anything. When I say folks that’s bio and in laws. I don’t mind. I’m lucky to have the nicest and sweetest folks.

I get to do a lot of thinking too. Ideas, events, things, people… Of course everyone gossips. Pfft. Wag mag malinis.

I’ve been the subject of gossip. It’s funny when it reaches you. So it was college and I was in a failed relationship. Of course, I was sad and detached from most people. So I thought I should do what makes me happy … I played soccer again. I got a very nice tan from all the practices and games. I was lean and slim. Hell, I looked good. People couldn’t believe it, neither did I. Until the failed guy just popped out of nowhere and said I should stop doing drugs. I laughed out loud. I said, dude, drugs? I’ve been playing soccer and I’ve competed in the UPSILON Cup! Ang jologs ng chimis na yun. My gad!!

Another one was in my first year at work. That December I had to undergo surgery. I had cysts removed from both my ovaries, I had endometriosis. I had to stay home for a month because it was a C section. I was so bored and caught up with my friend’s college gf. They weren’t together anymore. I told her I was so bored at home, I had to rest because of my endometriosis. After a few days, one of my college barkadas reached out to me, asking how I was because he heard I was fired from my job. I was endo! Haha ang jologs diba! And to think that ex gf of my friend went to Assumption. Antipolo nga lang haha but come on. Who mistakes endometriosis from end contract ng mga trabahador. Mukha ba akong trabahador? Imagine how insecure that bitch was to make up something like that.

What sucks about gossips and gossiping is that sometimes, it’s about your friends, and some people are clouded by what they hear. Despite how stupid or outrageous the gossip is. The juicier, the better. And then they don’t even verify the truth to it. They just judge you. Even cut ties because they’ve made up their minds about you. Never mind the years of friendship. Ang pinagsamahan. The times you were there for that person when she was so helpless and pathetic at one point in her life, and you were there.

I’ve detoxed from people like these. But you’ll never know who’s shallow until time passes and things change. No wonder some people just shut the new people in their life out. Can’t blame them.

I saw a few friends have differences and were pulled apart by pride and perhaps some madness. And then there was this one person who chose a side, without even knowing what’s really happening. I pity that person a lot. Aside from judging this one person unfairly, she acted like a total child, when we thought she’d be the mature one since she’s married and with kids. Puro yabang lang pala, whatta friend rin pala.

Be anything, just don’t be THAT kind of friend.


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