Mother’s Day and Elections 2016

It’s been crazy these past few days! Mother’s Day and Elections.

I guess what made it crazier was the black propaganda against the leading presidential candidate. And then it was silent since it was illegal to campaign starting Saturday.

On Sunday, we packed our overnight bags. We had lunch with W’s mother’s side because it was Di-E-Tiu’s 88th birthday. Of course it was a birthday so most of us wore red. And of course it was a Chinese resto so almost everyone wore red! We were laughing because it looked like we were supporters of MDS or RRD. 

It was about 4pm when we finished and left Pasay, headed to BGC to get something in SLMC BGC. I also bought cake and got free Starbucks before going to Pasig.

The was the plan: stay overnight in Pasig, I will vote in the morning with the folks, go home before lunch, rest and W will vote in New Manila in the afternoon.

We got to Pasig and rested. Dinner and chika with my Dad because my Mom visited the neighbor’s wake with her amigas.

She planned to vote at 6am. So I woke up at 530pm, freshened up and went downstairs. And wow my folks were still asleep! I woke them up, made coffee and sliced ring cakes from S&R. We left at 730am 😐 we parked at my Ninang’s house and walked to the public school. My Mom was so funny. She got hair whipped by this girl, and she was really giving that girl the really bad look. I asked her what was wrong and she said nothing. Our barangay has changed a lot in the past 10 years. This was where our ancestral house is. But Erap made a colony for San Juan informal settlers, so crime rate kinda went up. Trash is eerywhere and because our compound has a big frontage, our walls became the trash destination of informal settlers. No thanks to the barangay captain, forgot that Judas’ face err name.

So we went inside the school premises and … My parents didn’t check their precint no beforehand! Despite the many announcements, etc. soldiers without ammo! Ano ba naman. So we had to wait for our turn to check the list.

Me, mom and dad – all different precint nos and rooms. Both of them were in the same building, I was in the other one across. Mom was on the 1st floor, dad on the 3rd. Me across their building, 2nd floor.

I lined up and waited. I texted my folks that I will take a while since I was at the back of the classroom. No reply. After maybe 10 mins my dad called. I thought he was done but when I picked up, he was asking for water because he’s not feeling well. Dad has 3 stenths in his heart, it’s been 10 years I think. I talked to the kuya behind me, asked to save my spot. I ran outside the school compound and bought a bottle of water. I raced to their building and climbed 3 floors. I looked for my dad in all the classrooms. I found him and gave him his water. His polo was see through already from the sweat! He always brings water but I think he didn’t this time. He thought he wont take long. He said he was ok. I think the BEI saw he wasn’t feeling too good so they prioritized him (I wonder why he wasn’t marked senior but my mom was).

I went back to my classroom and patiently waited. Then it was my turn, and I voted. Wisely.

I looked for my Dad, went to him and then I tried to find my mom. She got out a few minutes after I did.

Ninang J served cake pa. Jahe. But it was awesome cake. Yummers! Thank you Ninang!

I voted RRD because I believe the country’s biggest problem is criminality, drugs and corruption. Not only because of what happened to my family in the past 12 months, but I also kept in mind the other families who’s been affected by drug users and pushers. I believe that he is a simple man. Probably well off but has a simple lifestyle. I voted for him because of my visits to Davao – how the people are disciplined yet sociable. They respect RRD, because they saw how he prioritized the Davaoenos as citizens, and not as their social standings. He cared for the minors, how he made ordinaces that were quite kill joy but in the long run molded the young Davaoenos to be responsible, God fearing and selfless. I hope most Filipinos see him like that soon.

I voted LGR because I think she will greatly complement RRD. the iron fist needs a lady beside him when he needs to go easy. She will be a good conscience when he seems stern on matters. She’s also simple and in touch with the locals – she’s not elusive and knows what it’s like for the poor and average Filipino. Don’t forget that she’s a lawyer too, aside from being a mother. Cmon, a mother! That’s the toughest job in the world diba?

I wish we will all do our part in the change we’ve been craving for.

As in RRD’s words, it’s time to heal. We should unite to serve our Philippines.

And oh yeah, here’s a candid photo of my indelible ink with my mom’s funny face! Sorry I’m blurring it out for security. Alam nyo naman, maraming adik sa mundo!image

Happy Mother’s Day Bear 🐻


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