I Can’t Adult Today

Actually, I can’t adult for the next few days. I’ve been thinking that since last night.

I was feeling like sh!t emotionally. Hormones. W’s been hella busy. He’s been working a lot. I help if I can, of course, I know nothing (Jon Snow?) about architecture and construction so I can’t help much. More clerical shizz. Good that he’s been winning projects. He’s been having the good business problems to have.

I, on the other hand, meh. 

I don’t have a stay in helper, and I think it will be silly if we did wih such a tiny space. I get Jess and Rose to do the stuff I can’t and W’s told me several times to just call them when I need things done. I’m just not comfy with other people in my personal space.

Every day I cook, tidy up, make our bed, do the dishes and sort the laundry for washing the keeping twice a week. 

I just miss being at home in Pasig. Not even NM. I just miss going back to my old room, lying down on my bed and doing nothing. But I can’t do that now, otherwise, W will go hungry! Maybe if we were in NM. But no.

I asked my friends if there were days that they just wanted to be in their old houses, with their parents and do nothing. I was surprised that one of them answered, “Why do you think we always go to Oceanside?” It’s a 9 hour train ride within the state! But I got her point. She has two kids, a lovely 9 year old and a handsome 3 year old, and of course a busy husband. So her adult stuff to do is x4! Me x2. I shouldn’t complain!

Since I’m makulit, I Googled it. Here’s what I got:


Yes! I’m not alone!

So this afternoon, when I really couldn’t take it anymore, I napped! I think for 30 mins. And it was good! But no, tomorrow is another struggle to be an adult. Good luck to me.


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