I love the UNFOLLOW Button!

You read it right! By far, it’s my favorite button so far in social media.
This button is so powerful, guys. And it actually makes you a better person.

If your friend/contact posts something often that you’re not interested in, or actually, find it to be too much bullsh!t, go to his profile and hit the UNFOLLOW button. No need to react harshly. No need to read about it all the time. The Unfollow button lets you keep him in your list as your friend, but you don’t have to deal with his crap every day, or should I say, every minute!

I’ve unfollowed several people already. And honestly, social media shouldn’t be the basis of your relationship. The Unfollow button is like muting unsolicited blurbs from someone. A lot of people forget that it’s ok to have different opinions! We just need to respect them, the person and his opinion. The Unfollow button helps me keep better relationships despite how strongly people feel about things, especially if it’s different from mine. Be it politics, socio and eco news, fashion, what have you, let’s co-exist, no problem!

I actually I have relatives that I have deliberately blocked since the time of Multiply because they’re so judgmental. I don’t need to be judged all the time. I’m a grown up and I trust myself that I make sound decisions. Relatives, let’s just see each other during lunch/dinner. If you have a problem with me, go tell my Mom and Dad. They raised me 😜

Wanna know who I have unfollowed in Facebook so far? It’s very interesting:

  1. The friend who said her son needs surgery asap and collected at least USD 2,000 from our network. Still no surgery (it’s been a year to date) and she gets defensive when you ask about how her son is doing. And she gives parenting advise on her status to those who don’t need it. Bye!
  2. The batchmate who posts how much she loves her Balenciaga rainbow, wants to sell one of the Pradas she recently bought because she wants to lessen the guilt. Whatever man.
  3. The batchmate who posts her conceited conversations with her husband that always leads to him telling her she’s pretty. But guess what, she’s too hard to recognize now. Too much work done. Tsk tsk!
  4. The doctor friend who works in a gym but talks sh!t about other people who work out where he works out and even takes pictures and posts online. I hope no one turns on you and I hope you get to keep your license. Behave man. You’re a licensed professional.
  5. The friend who posts expensive stuff but you know she’s not well off.
  6. The friend who posts too much political crap, and makes it so obvious that he does not understand politics and is totally clueless about what’s really going on and does not know anyone.
  7. The friend of a friend who talks too much about people not in his circle. Learn from Gossip Girl dude. You’re an outsider. Gossiping about us won’t draw you closer to us. Get a life and maybe buy new friends with your money.
  8. The tagger. Tags me every freakin time for his business that isn’t even legit!
  9. The one man complaints department. All his posts are complaints. Like nothing is ever his fault why his world sucks.
  10. Ms. Autobiography. Every minute there is an update to what she’s doing, thinking, eating, pooping!! No one cares that much.
  11. GGSS. Gandang ganda sa sarili. Selfie all the time. I wanna tell you that your selfies are often taken as screenshot and passed around in Whatsapp and Viber to piss off people. Sorry dude. I didn’t start it.
  12. The political whore. Enough said.
  13. La Boba. Can ask bazillion questions but never thought of using Google. I always say, GMT! As in Google Mo, Tamad or Google Mo, Tanga!

Had enough? Me too! But they’re still my friends/contacts. The Unfollow button won’t do you harm. 

Have you Unfollowed anyone?


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