3 Days and 2 Nights in Reykjavik – Part 2

I woke up at 5am to vibrating phone. It was my younger bro. 5am Reykjavik time is about noon or past noon in Manila so for him to call me, it had to be an emergency. I picked up and talked to his pocket and whatever was inside it. Darn it, he butt dialed me! On my local phone, on roaming! Shit!

My alarm sounded off at 615am. We freshened up, had a few bites and walked to Foss Baron for our Blue Lagoon and Golden Circle Tour pick up.  Morning for Blue Lagoon, afternoon for Golden Circle. While in the Gray Line Terminal, W asked to rebook our 2nd round of Northern Lights Tour. As I said in my Trip Advisor review, Gray Line is efficient. They just asked for our booking name, checked their system and gave us new print outs for our rebooked tour. That simple, that easy. That’s how it’s done! That’s why I highly recommend Gray Line!

At 9am or earlier we arrived at Blue Lagoon. We lined up and waited our turn. Since we already have our tickets, it didn’t take long for us to check in. We were given digital bracelets to charge drinks or food or whatever else we needed in our visit and pay for it in check out, so we don’t need to bring cash or whatever. All we had to do was relax in the awesome geothermal pool.

Blue Lagoon, Iceland

Blue Lagoon, Iceland

The bracelet was also our locker key. Their lockers aren’t so big. Just enough for your clothes on and the ones you’ll use after. We brought our own towels so no additional charge for us! They have the basics in the locker room and showers; shower gel, shampoo and conditioner, moisturizing lotion, qtips, hair blowers. Rumors are, you will need to shower naked before entering the pool and someone oversees this. Thank goodness it wasn’t true. I was able to shower in my suit in peace! So I met with W near the entrance, welp, exit. We planned our strategy; checked where were can hang our towels, pick a spot for a selfie, then run to the pool coz by that time we’ll really freeze already. We were able to do as we planned, except that the selfie we took didn’t come out well. W wanted a retake but I was too cold already. So he just switched to video and filmed our run and our first few seconds in the pool. Seriously a breath taking and cool experience!

Blue Lagoon Iceland

Literally chilling in Blue Lagoon

We wandered off the pool and enjoyed the sights without dipping our hair. Do not do it even if you’re cold. Rumors are, your hair will end up in tangles even if you deep condition, for about 3 days. We tried the free exfoliating mask. We had it on for 15 minutes and rinsed. A handful of people were getting drinks at the bar. We weren’t thirsty so we didn’t get anything. We stayed in the pool for about 1.5 hours I think. That was enough time.
We were heading back to the Reykjavik Gray Line Bus Terminal at 11am. We just transferred buses and went on to our Golden Circle Tour. I tell you, Gray Line staff are either efficient, accommodating, funny or all at the same time. Our tour guide was Kule, an elder man who reminded me a lot of Clint Eastwood. He had great and informative adlibs about where we’re passing, where we’re going.


Iceland Golden Circle Tour

On the road, Golden Circle Tour in Iceland

First stop was Thingvellir, where the first Icelandic Parliament was established. W and I made the mistake of going to the rest room on the left side as it was a pay rest room, and it wasn’t heated so my butt was again freezing! And so annoying to learn that there was a free rest room in the cafe over to the right! Oh well!

pgco.wordpress.com in Thingvellir

Me, with foggy eye glasses in very cold Thingvellir

We then went to Gulfoss Waterfalls. Man, it was so cold! Gulfoss has a rich history to it, so be sure to drop by. Since it was winter, majority of the falls is frozen. But still, it was beautiful. Very beautiful, worth saving as in its history.

A few minutes away from Gulfoss was Geysir. We were able to see one errupt! It looks scary but it was an awesome natural phenomenon to witness. This is one of the things I love about Iceland – nature, but not as I know it. Very different from tropical Ph, but equally beautiful and breath taking as I’m used to.

We headed back to Reykjavik in peace. But one grumpy old lady upfront was so annoying. She talked too loud and she just wouldn’t stop. There was even a time she tried to pick a fight with Kule but he didn’t mind her. Bad bad old lady.

We had time to rest before our 2nd Northern Lights Tour. That meant like an hour or 30 minutes! We had some coffee in our AirBnB pad, packed for the cold hunt and walked to Foss Baron for our pick up.

This second chance to see the Northern Lights is the jackpot for me. As in my Trip Advisor review for Gray Line, we had the coolest, most accommodating and most helpful tour guide, Bartos. He was funny and witty – not sorry, I don’t have a crush on him even though he’s good looking, he was just very attentive to all his tourists. He has the best spiel while driving out of Reykjavik. Name it, he helped us out. Facts about The Northern Lights and Iceland, how to capture the moment on camera, everything we needed and more in our tour.

The moon was out too, it was a bright night so I was preparing myself for disappointment. This was in Thingvellir. I thought we won’t see the lights anymore. I suddenly had an awful back ache and I was really cold, so I was forced back to the bus. I wanted to sit for a while since Bartos promised to let us know if there’s any activity. I just grabbed my giant schawl and sat for like 5 seconds, and Bartos came in and let us know something was up! I saw W from the bus, but everyone rushed away from the lights of the cafe and I lost track of him by the time I got off the bus. I made three rounds looking for W. I was calling out his name but nothing. I hope the other tourists didn’t think I was crazy! I didn’t even notice that I dropped my schawl!

I never found my schawl but I found Bartos. I stood next to him and told him I couldn’t find W with the camera. To my surprise, there was a dude who looked like W and was just a few meters away from us! I called out his name and he responded!! I ran to him, hugged and kissed him under the perfect (well, actually I think this is still classified as weak) Aurora Borealis.

Northern Lights Thingvellir

Finally! -7 degress and the Northern Lights! It was just so beautiful!

Northern LIghts Thingvellir, Aurora Borealis Thingvellir

It looks like an eagle/hawk eye right? I tweaked the camera settings a little more and got this. But our battery died haha

Some say it looks like I was in the moon. Until now, I still can’t put to words the awe I felt seeing these beautiful Northern Lights.

Back on the bus, Bartos teased us of the spectacular light show we saw. He played Icelandic music (not Bjork according to him, many other great Icelandic artists) in soft volume. The people who sat in front had the privilege of chatting more with Bartos. We listened in, and hope they didn’t mind but they were discussing so much about Reykjavik and Iceland. I need to go back. We need to go back.

I fell in love with Reykjavik in photos even before I got there. Photos don’t do much justice. Reykjavik and the rest of Iceland is beautiful. If you’re planning a European Tour soon, do consider Iceland. So many people have called me crazy for visiting Iceland in winter, but I’d rather be unique than be like everyone else who goes to Europe and raves about Italy. There’s Iceland, guys. AND IT IS INCREDIBLE!


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