Black Saturday Nightmares

For conservative Filipinos and Catholics, Black Saturday is kinda scary. We believe that Christ is away (I dont want to say dead) and evil just lurks around. So be very careful. But now that times have changed, malls are open come noon on Black Saturday, and there are other things to watch aside from The Ten Commandments in cable and of course, there’s streaming.

We slept over at my parents and I had such bad hormones. I couldn’t sleep though I’ve showered and walked a lot around in Pasig. Finally, I was able to sleep but had 3 nightmares. Gah.

1) My bag was stolen. I hated thr feeling. It felt so real and really, I just hate the feeling. Long stpry short, I was pranked by my cousins and even my titos and tita were in it. I just really don’t like the feeling. So if you’re gonna prank me, seriously, don’t.

2) I couldn’t find Pare! In my dream we couldn’t really find him. Again, I hated the feeling. Losing my boy. No. Ugh. Pare!

3) I had a hair cut and it was awesome, but I looked closely at the back and I HAD COLOR!!! NO! No offense to those who color, but I plan to go natural as much as I can. Sure, I’d love to look better with color but I get to tamad taking care of myself. So I don’t even wanna try coloring until it’s necessary.

Sorey I’m weird. Happy Easter! No need to worry about darkness. Christ has risen. Christ redeemed the world for you SO BE GOOD!


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