Palm Sunday

Yesterday was Palm Sunday. Despite all the new and kick off projects, W made time to hear mass with me. He had a site visit at 9am (yes, he works kahit Sunday, bless my husband). We planned to hear mass at Mt. Carmel but apparently, 3/4 of the church is closed, same with a big chunk of their parking lot. Some Honda Jazz that didn’t know how to drive within lines even knicked the pick up. Grrr. The parking attendant in the streets said he doesn’t understand the church too. They started construction a few weeks into Lent. I have no idea what their reasons are, if they are urgent or what but cmon, it’s Lent!

So we went back home. Lunch then watched F1. Met up with friends at a coffee shop because we’re lending them our Globe Seafarer sim. They’re heading for Europe. After coffee and fun conversations, we headed for mass at the cathedral. I wasn’t able to take photos but it’s one of the more underrated nice churches in Manila.

They don’t turn on the ac for mass. Sad. It was so hot pa naman yesterday. Our pew was quite full but in the middle of mass, 3 titas turned our seats into a jeepney! They squeezed themselves in between our seatmates, until we were uncomfortably seated. They were still forcing the 3rd tita to sit but good thing she got the hit that there was really no room anymore.

To make things worse, the kids of the lady on the other end stepped on the pew kneelers with their shoes on! My goodness I was so annoyed at the mom! I had no idea why the kids even went and did that. They were actually going back to do it again, but I already wiped the kneelers and we were actually kneeling. Buti na lang they didn’t even try passing there again otherwise I would have lost it.

It wasn’t really nice but I prayed. I asked God for forgiveness and more reminders that I’m there for Palm Sunday. To see Jesus before this tough week for him. And guess what, I felt better already. I forgot about the jeepney titas, the kids and the heat!

Prayer is the answer. Keep in mind! Have a blessed and fruitful Holy Week!


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