Smart Postpaid Roaming Made Me Sad

I have 2 mobile phone numbers. Like I have several emails. Each one has its own audience, because I super hate and get confused when I get a lot of spam messages, and I’m tamad to organize them (especially for emails, useless to do something about it).

I used to have both Globe and Sun Postpaid. My numbers were the same except for the prefixes. But in Feb 2014, My Globe signal just died. I spent so many days and hours, min 1.5 hours per visit, in Globe stores to get it fixed. They couldn’t give me a concrete answer why I don’t have signal. They replaced my sim.more than 4 times. Not even my friends in Globe couldn’t do anything about it. So screw it, I cut my Globe and got a line at Smart. Men, it was so refreshing being a Smart subscriber. Globe has been effin with us with olats service ever since. I had my Globe line in 1996, it wasn’t a sim card yet! Our lines came free with every truck my dad for business. Sayang but sorry, Globe just shat on my loyalty. (Did i mention terminating a Globe Postpaid line will take a more than 1 hour interview of how bad do you find their service?)

So there, I cut my Sun too because of spam.
I had my Smart Postpaid and Globe Prepaid (as much as I hate it) now. Smart for family and friends. Globe Prepaid for random people, like resto reservations and shizz.

I’ve read so much about Smart Postpaid Roaming. How easy it is to activate and stuff. W and I usually turn on our roaming on the day we leave for any country.

I downloaded their Sim Connect but I wasn’t getting the menu in their instructions.
I looked around their site and I even found this:

Eh wala talaga.
So I called the Smart hotline. As usual, knowledgeable agent talked to me but I was taken aback by what he said I needed to do!
Because my postpaid plan is 250, I needed to deposit Php 2,500 before they activate my roaming! It’s not my fault plan 250 works well for me. I don’t call and text as much, and for data I have my Smart pocket wifi. So what gives diba.
Fine, fine. Bill shock and stuff, people don’t wanna pay when they see the shizz roaming bill they have after. So I asked, where can I make that deposit online? Or physically, I am in NAIA 3. My goodness there was no where to do it online, and no where near NAIA 3! Wtfrack diba. So inconvenient. I have never been treated like a penny stinker by Smart, now lang! And I didn’t find this condition for plan 250 anywhere online except in forums, from pissed off travelling Smart subscribers too.

I called my Mom and asked if she was anywhere near a Smart store. Thank God she said yes. She was in SM Aura. She deposited the money for me and someone from Smart verified if she was authorized to do it. I told the lady also I don’t want any marketing calls because I seldom get calls from Smart pero they might call me if they know I’m out just to incur charges. The good news was, she said they can credit the deposit for my monthly bill. Good.

When I got back, my bill was overdue. Eh I’m kuripot diba. I didn’t wanna pay for it. So I went online with My Smart Account but couldn’t see the deposit. I called them and they can’t see it rin daw, only branches have access to i daw. Nyarks really? It’s not automatic. Kainis. And Weird. It’s supposed to reflect in My Smart Account.

Last Saturday, because I wanted xlb, we were at Mega Mall, so I went to Smart there. Processing was quick. But it was gonna take 7 working days. What the frack. Kainis naman. I have to endure those overdue bill texts pa from Smart. Argh.

I’m really sad on these processes aren’t automated yet in Smart. I hope someday. At least I know too that I wasn’t the only one with this experience. Oh wells.


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