When Kakuriputan Backfires

I’ve been using Clinique’s Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel for a while now. I’m almost out so I thought I’d buy in Duty Free so I can get it cheaper than in Clinique per se. So for our trip, I bought a small Olay Total Effects bottle. It’s so-so. I honestly think I get pimples when my skin is dry. So yeah, I think it lacked moisturizing, so I got a few pimples while on our trip 😔 yung malalaki na may buhay talaga! Argh!

Since there was a kerfuffle with our Mnl-Sg flight, I thought I’ll buy na lang in Duty Free Paris on our way back. I forgot how much it costs, since I saw it on the inflight magazine on our way to Sg and Zur. So when we were in Duty Free CDG, I bought it plus City Block. The gel was Euro 74 for the pack of 2, the set of the City Block was Euro 77, I even checked with the sales personnel. I was scrimping if I still had Euro 150… Alas, I only had Euro 130. But when I got to the counter, I was billed Euro 173! Before I saw that I was amazed by my freebie so hindi ko masyado napansin the amount.

It only dawned to me that my Clinique loot was almost Php 10,000 when we were in our gate na – which was so far away from the shoppes. Since CDG had free internet, I checked the prices and the Cliniques in Paris are waaay more expensive nga! My stomach hurt. I couldn’t tell W but I had to!



To make things worse, when I checked Duty Free in Changi Airport, Singapore, it was Sgd 84.50. And in the inflight magazine, slightly cheaper.


I emailed Duty Free Paris and they were responsive. My main concern was that I was misled by the display prices. They were willing to refund however, I have to send the products unopened within 15 days. That was going to cost me Php 5,000 so never mind. We reached an agreement and I’m thankful people across the world value even the littlest of consumers like me.

So I opened my loot, and I love the Clinique Bonus I got.



I learned my lesson. Seriously. Research. And write down your research so you don’t forget!

Btw, Changi Duty Free has an online shop ha. I forgot the link but there is. You just need to enter your arrival/departure details and pick up your purchase. Shopping is so therapeutic. Haha


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