Kim Henares, Paranoia, Jet Lag and What Have You

So it’s been almost a week since we got back from our Winter Euro Trip. I’m not sure if I’m just really arte but when we got back, there was just so many things to do that we didn’t get to rest much. We didn’t even sleep in our flight, can’t blame us, there were a lot of good new releases in the entertainment system heehee

Like today, I woke up at 430am. That’s been normal for me this past week. Sometimes I can get back to sleep, like right now I can’t so I had my flied lies (fried rice!) with hot and spicy Spam leftover already. I have errands for later before lunch, so good luck to me. I slept before 11pm naman last night, and I was really knocked out. No idea why since I napped in the afternoon after my chores, a good hour and a half zzzz.

I noticed I’ve been getting several more views than usual from the Philippines. I got paranoid haha what if it was Kim Henares checking on me haha kasi I mentioned shopping a few times in my last entires haha I remember some of my friends were recently in the Lifestyle section of a newspaper. And someone said it’s Kim Henares’ favorite newspaper page to read HAHAHA

My eyes feel puffy now. I think I need to get back to bed with that hunk of a husband on the 1/4 side of the bed haha maybe I need to pull the shades down? Bahala na.

I wanna write so much more pa.
About the trip
About how my kakuriputan backfired
About how much food we ate during the trip
About the drama when we saw the Northern Lights
Stuff like that. Next time na when I close some deals and when I get to finish my errands and chores.

PS: if you really are Kim Henares, wala po akong kasalanan! Nagbabayad ako ng tamang buwis sa lahat! Tanong nyo pa accountant namin heehee


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