Love and Marriage

We just got back from E&N’s wedding reception. Before we left, we attended their church wedding ceremony. We’re still a bit jetlagged but thankful that we are back in Manila to attend the reception.

We saw these two love birds’ relationship flourish. W and I agree that these two are so made for each other. Their personalities are so right for each other. God really knows how to pair up people.

Being married for 3 years and a few months now, and just coming back from our 1st long haul and more than half a week vacation, our patience was once again tested! We usually laugh about fighting during trips. And we were telling the relatives we visited in Europe that we haven’t fought much in the trip. But we eventually did, in our last leg – in Paris hahaha πŸ—Ό and it was kinda bad πŸ˜”

I realized, this is only the start. Like I told W, it will be inevitable. We will fight and disagree about things. He might hurt me unintentionally, and I, too, might hurt him unintentionally. But I’ve already chosen him to be my life partner. The person who can hurt me so many times and so painful, but I will still love him and he will still love me despite not being perfect and not doing everything right. He’s the person I’ve chosen to make mistakes with and grow, correct them, and learn. He’s the person I know I will be able to forgive in God’s grace if he hurts me or does something wrong. It sounds scary and unfair, pero ganun talaga. And I’m thinking, those who don’t understand this and refuse to live this are the ones having problems, or the ones that are unhappy. Ganun talaga guys. Let’s just pray for each other! Pray with each other! It’s the best thing that we’ve been doing, honestly.


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